Very Sheik Purple-Tiled Bathroom, by FapCeramiche

This Euro-style bathroom with multi-patterned tiles in many shades of purple stands out among the norm in bathroom design. Lots of our hand-painted sink designs could be combined with this unique interior but the two we are featuring in this blog post are the Fancy Emblem hand-painted in platinum and the Wrapping Paper Flowers in the subtle contrast of gray and white.

Multi-Pattern, Many Shades, Purple-Tiled Bathroom

Gorgeous!!!!! Purple Tiled Bathroom by FapCeramiche

I love the fact that so many different patterns and shades are combined in the same space to achieve a unified effect. From the oversize multi-dimensional floral tiles on the wall to the subtly-lined, lighter shade and totally different design in the shower. The floor tiles are the same, but a smaller size and shape to add another dimension. I especially love the shower room, very European to have it like that, kind of a wet room. The fact that the water splashes on the floor (with a drain) and not the glass enclosure saves a lot of squeegee time and keeps your bathroom looking good 24/7. Notice the mosaic tile on the floor in the shower room, great for practicality and it ties in all the other shades of purple in this bathroom. The wall mounted toilet is great too. Hopefully bathroom design in the USA will keep on evolving to a European style and standard and include some of these practical additions. Several of our hand-painted sinks would be a great addition to this bathroom, here are a few options.

First up is the Fancy Emblem design and one or more of the symbols would fit beautifully on the front of the sink.

Ornate Fancy Emblem Design on a Square D’Vontz vessel basin

Fancy Emblem hand painted vessel sink by decorated bathroom

Fancy Emblem design hand-painted vessel sink in real metallic gold would be a nice addition to the bathroom.

This ornate emblem would fit right in with the eclectic style of the bathroom. We created the Fancy Emblem motif to ‘spice-up’ the front of a boring white sink! Sorry about the lackluster photography, the design is actually a nice, bright and very shiny metallic gold. If you visit our web-site,, you will find some other photos of the sink where you can see the metallic shine a little better. It’s shown in gold here but looks great in platinum too.  Next up…

Wrapping Paper Flowers in Gray on a White Vessel Sink

Wrapping Paper Flowers Hand Painted Sink.

Graphic and textural floral design, Wrapping Paper Flowers, in gray on a white vessel sink.

Because there is so much going on in this purple bathroom, the Wrapping Paper Flowers design in a subtle contrast of gray on white could be great too. It’s a geometric floral design which looks totally textural with this minimalist contrast, almost like fabric. You just want to run your fingers over it. Again, this one is very hard to show in a photo. If I was a better photographer, or could afford to hire a professional maybe it would look more like it actually does! Maybe one day… This design can be custom-colored to any shade and would also be beautiful in this bathroom in another light shade of purple or lavender. Oh la la. It can also be way out there like the tri-color version we did in shades of blue and green. Check it out in the previous post, Custom Floral Vessel Sink Not in a Bathroom.

Gray and white floral hand Painted sink detail

Close up of the design painted in gray on a white vessel sink.

This is a close up of the geometric, stylized floral design.

When we say hand-painted, it’s a loose term only to describe the end product which is a hand-painted sink. There are some people out there who paint their designs by hand, but all the others, including Kohler, Sherle Wagner and almost everybody else who creates decorated sinks uses ceramic decals. They are the same thing that is used on mugs and china and create an extremely durable and long-lasting finish. All of our hand-painted sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories are hand-made in the USA by me and are guaranteed for the life of the fixture, the design will not fade out or wear away with proper care.

Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles & accessories at Thanks for reading.

Scented Garden Dresden Style Hand Painted Floral Bathroom

If you are looking for a traditionally hand painted sink or basin with a colorful floral design… THIS IS IT! You’ll think of a fragrant flower garden everytime you walk into the bathroom with this versatile Dresden style floral Scented Garden design painted on the sink. Multiple bouquets of flowers in many colors including tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers, a even hummingbird, a ladybug and butterfly or two! Because the colorful nature of this design it is easily coordinated with any bathroom decor, vanity or countertop. It’s one of our most popular designs and always in style.

In this bathroom the customer renovated for an updated, more contemporary styled bathroom with the fresh color combination of blue and white which really set off the colors in the design.

Blue & White Scented Garden Hand Painted Bathroom

Blue and White Scented Garden Bathroom

Blue and White Scented Garden Bathroom

As you can see by the top view of the sink, it’s a little less design than we normally put on this basin. However, since there was so much of it everywhere else in the bathroom, the customer decided it would be prudent to include a little more white space on the sink. It’s installed here in quite a large family bathroom so there is plenty of room and a big skylight makes it nice and bright. The Scented Garden has been incorporated into the entire bathroom, on the sink, toilet, tiles & accessories. You can see in the photo below smaller flowers in the design which have been added to the towel bar to tie it in with the backsplash and sink.

Side view of the Scented Garden Painted Sink

Side view of the Scented Garden Painted Sink

You get a good view of the selection of flowers on the basin including roses, tulips, poppies, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory and cornflowers to name just a few in colors including red, pink, yellow. purple, blue, green, orange… ok just about every color except black. It makes it really easy to pick up one color or a few to coordinate the rest of the bathroom too.

Toilet Tank with Hand Painted Scented Garden Design

Scented Garden Floral Hand Painted Toilet

Scented Garden design on the toilet with butterflies and coordinating accessories.

Here is a shot of the Scented Garden toilet, a 2-piece St Thomas Arlington and goes great with the traditional feel of the design. The tiles were all custom fired with a selection of smaller bouquets of matching flowers on the floor and also on the toilet paper holder. The individual accent butterfly tiles break up the expanses of white space and suit the overall theme of this garden inspired bathroom.

Scented Garden design on a white toilet tank and lid.

Scented Garden design on a white toilet tank & lid.

The addition of a hummingbird is a nice touch on the toilet tank.

Scented Garden Hand-Painted Tile Mural

Scented Garden design on a tile mural

Scented Garden design on a tile mural.

The client wanted to tie the whole thing together with an elaborate mural in the shower, framed with navy blue accent tile. The design was worked out on paper first then transferred to the individual tiles for firing.

The sink, toilet and mural shown in this bathroom are not shown on our web site. However, we can custom-make them for you with pleasure. Just contact us @ for details. Please check out our complete collection of hand painted and decorated bathroom fixtures at All of our sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories are made by hand, (by me) in the USA and kiln fired for lasting beauty. They will not fade out or wear away with proper care. Thanks for reading.

Metallic Gold or Silver Brick Border Painted Sink… and bathrooms it would be good in.

Just added this new geometric metallic border design to the web site. It’s a stylized brick pattern about 1-1/4″ wide and can be incorporated into a traditional or contemporary bathroom. Easily coordinated with any vanity style, granite or marble countertop. Stunning in gold or platinum, the perfect accent to a stylish and sophisticated bathroom interior.

Brick Border on a St Thomas Vanity Undermount

Hand painted platinum brick border undermount

Stylized Platinum Brick Border design on a white St Thomas Vanity Undermount basin.

Detail of Brick Border Design

Platinum brick border hand painted undermount vanity sink

Detail of Brick Border design on the sink

It’s really hard to get a good shot of these metallics and let’s face it we are not professional photographers, metallics are very hard so please excuse the photography and use your imagination. In real life, in the flesh, they are as close to perfect as humanly possible. We take great care when making every one to ensure complete satisfaction to all our customers.

This image gives you an idea of the shine and brilliance of the metallic on the sink and how the design lights up the basin.

Shiny platinum brick border painted sink

This photo attempts to show the true metallic shine of the platinum on the sink

Here are a few bathrooms from I think the Brick Border would look fantastic in.

Relaxing Gray Blue Family Bath with Wood Floors and White Cabinetry

This is a beautiful bathroom. Who wouldn’t want to walk into it every day with that gorgeous tree out the window. What do I like especially about this interior besides the whole thing? For starters the bathtub looks pretty good, great place for a quiet soak, nice shower, love the wood floors, white cabinetry, marble countertop and square sink. It looks clean, too. I’m not sure if I would do this bathroom with my oddball taste, but if I was shopping for a home and saw this I would be ecstatic, and relived, it looks timeless, stylish, relaxing and functional.

Elegant Neutral Bathroom with Black Cabinets and White Marble

Many of our border designs would look great with the simple black cabinetry shown here. We featured this bathroom in a previous post with the Chain Maille Border in platinum but the Brick Border would be a smart choice too. I love the warm and neutral putty tone on the wall, the marble counter top, black insets on the floor and clean lines of the vanity. It looks calm, really clean and germ free. I’ve been seeing lots of rectangular sinks lately, I like them. Easy to decorate and they coorinate well with the geometric lines in this bathroom. It looks awesome as is, but would be just a little more special with the addition of one of our designs on the sinks, like the Brick Border in platinum.

White Zen Bathroom in Lawrence Park, Toronto

I love this white bathroom, it’s in Lawrence Park, Toronto, the very neighborhood I grew up in. I can just imagine the outside of the house, for sure bricks…and therefore the Brick Border pattern would match. Bit of a stretch but it would tie in nicely with the floor, chrome accessories and faucets, in platinum. Just a little extra something to define the style. They obviously have some, otherwise there wouldn’t be a pink chair in there and the groovy chandelier! It looks clean and there is plenty of storage space so it can be kept that way.

All of our sinks meet the strictest quality control standards so that every one is as close to perfect as possible when it leaves our studio. We take extra care to pack them in expanding foam so that they arrive to you in perfect condition. As always, all of our sinks and toilets are kiln-fired for lasting durability and will not fade out or wear away with proper care.

That’s it for today. Time to go have a bath in my boring beige and biscuit-fixtured rustic tuscan style bathroom… argh. We are moving soon. Looking forward to a new bathroom in the next house and doing a before and after for our profile on

Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted sinks in designs from traditional florals to contemporary geometrics at Thanks for reading.

Elegant Bathrooms, Gorgeous Mirrors and Gold or Platinum Border Painted Sinks

Here are a few beautiful bathrooms found on that would look great with one of our Metallic Border hand painted sinks in them.

Super Elegant Powder Room Featured in Architectural Digest

gorgeous gold powder room

Powder room of Emily Summers, featured in Architectural Digest, April 2012. Photo by Nikolas Koenig. Wallpaper, Cannon/Bullock; pendant light, Gunther Leuchtmann from Plug; vintage mirror and Kohler faucet.

The first is this gorgeous gold and white powder room. It’s from Architectural Digest so that accounts for the high level of style. I love the convex mirror and especially that wallpaper, it looks 3-D. The whole thing looks great just like it is but…. the Matte & Metallic Gold Border would make it even better, don’t you think?

Matte & Metallic Gold Border Decorated Bathroom Sink

Matte & Metallic Gold border design looks great on this Kohler Devonshire undermount.

This is the Matte & Metallic Gold Border in the wider version (approx 1-1/4″ wide) on a Kohler Devonshire. It can be applied to most undermount sinks, and probably some drop-ins and vessels too. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It shines beautifully in metallic glory.

San Francisco Showcase Home with Stenciled Wall and Sunburst Mirror

I absolutely love this interior, very chic and full of contrasts and interesting juxtapositions. The clean lines of the vanity contrasted with the organic shape on the wallpaper. The traditional color and detail on the cabinetry contrasted with the whimsical motif and color on the walls. The attention-grabbing mirror and gold accent accessories ties it all together. Lots of our sinks would look great in here. Something more textural and eclectic like the Wrapping Paper Flowers design but one of our geometric borders in gold would probably be a more conventional but still totally spectacular choice. The Chain Maille in gold could be nice but I think the Greek Key(ish) Border in gold would be the perfect fit and pick-up on the gold detail on the vanity. Groovy!

Greekie Key Border in Metallic Gold Painted Sink

Gold Greek Key Border design hand painted undermount sink

Greek Key(ish) Border design in gold on a white 17 x 14″ undermount basin

The Greek Key(ish) border is a 21st century adaption of the ancient Greek Key Motif. It’s available in real metallic gold or platinum and can be applied to many different sink installations.

White Marble Powder Room with Ornate Gold Mirror & Vanity

I think I saved the best for last and we’ve used this one in a previous post but I love it so much it’s worthy of two mentions. We’ve got a few ornate gold designs that would be totally awesome with all this white marble and drop dead absolutely gorgeous gold mirror. I bet that wasn’t cheap. If you are creative you can be innovate and buy a cheap plastic ornate mirror (they have black ones for $39 at Ikea that are really not too bad) and fake gold leaf it. This bathroom is pretty awesome as it is but the addition of the Big Fancy Border to the sink would be even better. It’s got a lot of gold on it so it makes a big shiny splash.

Big Fancy Gold Border

Big Fancy Ornate Gold Border on American Standard sebring

Big Fancy Gold Border really shines on a white American Standard self-rimming baisn.

The Big Fancy Gold Border design is on the rim of the sink in this example but it can be applied to the inside of an undermount basin as well. Also available in Platinum.

Fancy Gold Border Hand Painted Fluted Drop-in

Fancy Gold Border design on a white fluted drop-in sink.

Fancy Gold Border design on a white fluted drop-in sink.

This one is a little less splashy but still gives a good metallic shine, the Fancy Gold Border. It’s composed of stylized small leaves winding around the sink on a central vine. Currently available in gold only but next time we do a run of platinum borders, we will be adding this one.

All of our decorated bathroom fixtures, hand-painted sinks and toilets are kiln-fired to permanently fuse the design with the surface on the sink. They will not fade out or wear away with proper care. Please visit our website to see our complete collection of hand-painted bathroom sinks, all made by hand, with love and great care, by me!!!, in the United States of America. Thanks for reading.

Flower Power for Your Home and the Bathroom!

One of our hand-painted sinks was just featured in an Ideabook on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sink is the black and white version of the Wrapping Paper Flowers Design.

Wrapping Paper Flowers Design Painted Sink in Black

Wrapping Paper Flowers design in black on a white undermount sink.

Wrapping Paper Flowers design in black on a white undermount sink.

This is an original design inspired by vintage gift wrap that we came across in our travels. It’s available in several, actually any, color and looks fabulous and quite a bit different in every one.

Pink & Black Bathroom with the Wrapping Paper Flowers Painted Sink

Wrapping Paper Flowers painted sink in a pink and black bathroom.

Wrapping Paper Flowers in a pink and black bathroom.

Here it is installed in a light pink and black powder room with a groovy $39 plastic Ikea mirror and black accessories.

 Blue and Green Custom Painted Vessel Sink

Wrapping Paper Flowers design in shades of blue and green on a biscuit

Wrapping Paper Flowers design in shades of blue and green on a biscuit Vitra sink.

One of the most beautiful versions we have created with this design is this three-color version in turquoise, lime green and navy blue on a biscuit vessel sink. It was elegantly installed in a dining room in Israel and the colors were custom matched to the client’s specifications. It was featured in a previous post with more photos and additional design information.

Wrapping Paper Flowers Painted Sink in White on a Biscuit Vessel

Wrapping Paper Flowers Painted Sink in White on a Biscuit Vessel Sink

Wrapping Paper Flowers Painted Sink in White on a Biscuit Vessel Sink

One of my absolute favorites is this subtle edition with the design in white on a biscuit vessel sink. Totally textural, it looks luscious. Not the best photography, hard to capture all the subtleties. Check it out on the website.

Wrapping Paper Flowers Design in Gray Painted on a White Vessel Sink

Wrapping Paper Floral Design in gray on a white vessel.

Wrapping Paper Floral Design in gray on a white vessel. Another subtle, textural version of this design.

This one is also very subtle, it’s done in a very light gray on a white sink. It would be nice in an all white bathroom and is also very textural in nature. It looks like fabric. Check it out on the decoratedbathroom website. Please have a look at the ideabook on Houzz.  It’s got some great contemporary-styled floral items. I personally love the animal pillows, seriously gorgeous!

All of our sinks are made by hand with great love and care in the USA. They are kiln-fired to temperatures of approximately 1500 degrees F and will not fade out or wear away with proper care. Please check out our complete collection at  Thanks for reading.

Bathrooms That Would Look Great With Our Platinum Chain Maille Border Painted Sink

Just doing a little browsing on looking for photos of bathrooms our sinks would look good in. There are multitudes, mainly ones with vanities and under mount sinks that would be even more spectacular with one of our gold or silver borders on them. That’s why we’ve created five new Metallic border patterns designed to fit on undermount sinks. This one we are calling the Chain Maille Border because it kind of looks like chain maille, from a distance.

Platinum Border Painted Sink in Contemporary Black Powder Room

Silver Border Chain Maille sink in black bathroom

Here it is on a white sink, white marble counter, a simple silver-framed mirror and black walls. It’s an elegant addition to the otherwise understated powder room and makes this bathroom unique.

Chain Maille Border in Real Metallic Platinum Painted Sink

Platinum Chain Maille Border Hand Painted Sink

Chain Maille Border design in platinum on a white 17 x 14″ undermount.

The Chain Maille design is available in real metallic gold or platinum. It’s shown here in Platinum on a 17 x 14″ standard under mount basin.

Platinum Chain Maille Geometric Border Hand Painted Undermount Sink

Detail shot of the Chain Maille Border design on a white undermount sink.

Here’s a close up shot of the design. As you can see it’s a bunch of little inverted ‘L’ shapes. It kind of looks like Chain Maille…very textural. Sorry about the photography, as usual, it’s very hard to get a good shot of a metallic.

It coordinates seamlessly with many different styles of vanities and will fit right in with these clean-looking, contemporary bathrooms found on Houzz.

Neutral Master Bath with Black Cabinetry

I really like the versatility of this bathroom design, so many of our sinks would fit right in. Neutral, but not boring with the putty-colored walls and the touch of black order on the floor. Looks like there is lots of light, a nice tree outside the window and plenty of storage too. The Chain Maille Border would tie in perfectly with the geometric motif on the floor, and fit so well on those rectangular under mount basins.

Contemporary Art-Filled Master Bath

This is another Canadian bathroom. Is is that there are lots of Canadians on Houzz or is it that the style appeals to me? I just did another blog post with a bathroom from Lawrence Park Toronto, the very neighborhood I grew up in! I’m scaring myself. Maybe It’s been too long since I’ve been home, eh? I love the glass inset closet doors on either side of the vanity, especially the soft light glowing through them. Gorgeous, clean, sublime, and I like the art on the walls, but art on the sinks I would seriously like too, something like the platinum Chain Maille Border!

Traditional Powder Room with Bevelled Mirror and Sumptuous, Sultry Mood

Since I’m on a roll with Canadian bathrooms, here is another one and what an elegant powder room it is. I wouldn’t mind going in there at all. I would have preferred it if they had installed the sink with the drain holes towards the front so that you don’t see them. Adding the Chain Maille Border in Platinum to the basin would tie in with the chrome accessories, steampunk-esque vanity and geometric pattern on the floor. Love the textured wallpaper and the almost purple hue in this photo. It really creates a cocoon-like mood.

We have lots of other Platinum and Gold Border designs that would also look great in these bathrooms. Check them all out at All of our sinks are made by hand in the USA using the age-old techniques of ceramic decoration. Our fixtures are kiln-fired to temperatures around 1500 degrees F which fuses the design to the glaze on the sink and becomes permanent. It will not fade out or wear away with proper care. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon with more bathroom ideas for our custom-made decorated bathroom fixtures.


Spring Flowers in the Bathroom – Painted on Sinks

Spring is here and our customers have been adding lots of flowers to their bathroom sinks lately. What’s popular?

Scented Garden Dresden Style Hand Painted Sink

Scented Garden with Hummingbird Hand Painted Fluted Sink.

Scented Garden with Hummingbird Hand Painted Fluted Sink.

If you are looking for a colorful and traditionally styled hand-painted sink, the Scented Garden design is for you. You’ll be reminded of a fragrant flower garden every time you enter the bathroom. Lots of colors to coordinate the rest of the room around and just about every kind of flower including roses (of course), tulips, daisies, violets, iris, cornflowers, a butterfly or ladybug and even a hummingbird or two. They are one of our most popular flowered designs. Check it out in a white & blue bathroom with matching toilet and custom tile mural in the Installation Gallery on our site.

Floral Chintz Design on a White Fluted Drop-in Sink

Chintz Garden Floral Hand Painted Fluted Sink.

Chintz Garden Floral Hand Painted Fluted Sink.

The next on the flower agenda is this Chintz design. We’ve made a few of these in the last couple of weeks. Something about spring, maybe people have a more positive and sunnier outlook now the economy is better and the awful winter weather is finally gone. This one is full of delicately painted pink roses with lots of smaller blue and yellow blossoms with lots of green leaves. It can be applied to any sink or toilet in any combination from just a little to a whole lot of flowers all over the sink. Check out the Elegant Chintz Bathroom and Accessories post to see it installed in a white marble and mirrored bathroom with a matching hand-painted toilet and bathroom accessories.

Magnolia Soulangiana Painted on a White Drop-in Sink

Magnolia Soulangiana hand painted on a white drop in basin.

Magnolia Soulangiana painted on a white drop in basin.

Another popular floral design is the Soulangiana. We just made one of these for a lady with a 200 year-old stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania. Guess what they have out front besides a gorgeous porch? …a gorgeous Magnolia tree (they sent a photo) and the homeowner decided to pick-up on that theme and chose this sink for the powder room. The house and location looked idyllic.

All of our sinks are made by hand in the USA with great love and care. We take pride in what we produce and every one is a work of art, kiln-fired for lasting durability. Please check out our complete collection at and thanks for reading.

2014 Collection of Contemporary Gold & Silver Border Decorated Sinks

Designers and homeowners are looking to add elements to make their bathroom project unique and our new collection of gold and silver border painted sinks are it. Ten new designs in styles from contemporary geometrics to more traditional editions like this one, the Big Fancy Border.

Big Fancy Border on a white American Standard Sebring Drop-in Sink

Big Fancy Border in Gold on a white American Standard Sebring Drop-in Sink. Also available in platinum.

It’s shown here in real metallic gold on an American Standard Sebring drop-in. The border fits perfectly on the rolled edge of the basin and because the rim of the sink sits on top of the counter it creates a big ‘show of shine’ in the bath or powder room – you can see it from all angles.

Available in real metallic gold or platinum, the Big Fancy Border can be applied to an undermount or drop-in sink and combines easily with almost any vanity and countertop. This one is inspired by an Art Nouveau archive of classic designs with intertwined, stylized leaves, swirls and heart-shaped motifs.

Detail of Big Fancy Gold Border hand Painted on Sink.

Big Fancy Border detail.

Here are a few beautiful bathrooms featured on it would look great in.

Elegant Gold Bathroom

Opulent Red & Wood Bathroom

Ornate Gold & Marble Powder Room

I especially love the gold and marble powder room above. Simply ornate… done just right.

We use the age old techniques of ceramic decoration on all of our fixtures, the same process that is used for plates and mugs. All of our sinks are decorated by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting durability. Please check out our complete collection of hand painted sinks at Thanks for reading and I’ll be back next week with another addition to our new collection for 2014…Gold & Platinum Border hand painted sinks.

Gold Elegant Swirl Decorated Sink & Three Minimalist Bathrooms

Finally figured out something to make this blog about!! Bathroom ideas that our painted sinks would look good in. Here are three pretty minimalist bathroom interiors that would work with this weeks chosen sink. It’s the Elegant Swirl design shown in Gold on a white Kohler Vox vessel sink. It’s also available in Platinum and was inspired by old style typograhpy when typefaces came with additional ornaments and swirls. The Elegant Swirl motif can be applied to any kind of vessel sink, round, square or oval, in real metallic gold or platinum and can be integrated into almost any style of bathroom interior to personalize the space and truly make it your own.

Elegant Gold Swirl on a white round vessel sink by Decorated Bathroom.

Elegant Gold Swirl on a white round vessel sink by Decorated Bathroom.

We have created these designs with today’s bathrooms in mind. Our designs are silk-screened in the traditional manner (by hand) with specially created inks formulated for ceramic decals. After the decal is applied, the sink is kiln fired to temperatures of about 1500 degrees F which permanently fuses the design to the surface of the china. It will not wear off or fade away with proper care.

I love the clean looking white color scheme in this bathroom with the ultra modern vanity, love the legs. Can’t you just see one of our Elegant Swirls on the front of the sink?

Next up is this contemporary look with the same clean lines and feel to the bathroom. Love the beige tile on the wall and especially the lighting.  The oval vessel sink on the vanity really makes it the focal point in this bathroom, and our Elegant Swirl design would be the crowning glory. It would look great in either gold or platinum.

Here is one more bathroom that I think the Elegant Swirl would look great with. Tucked into the corner, the vanity is another clean-lined piece with not much detailing. The Elegant Swirl, in gold or platinum, would fit nicely in this bathroom. Love the strip of blue mosaic tile, really makes a statement.

Thanks for reading. All these bathrooms were found on If you haven’t already checked it out… you should.

Please check out the rest of our hand painted sink collection at

London Design Festival 2013


Great video of team setting up I think a bathroom display for London Design Festival. Some of our sink designs would look awesome on those sinks. Great music too.

Originally posted on KitchAnn Style:

The London Design Festival celebrated its eleventh birthday September 14-22nd with over 300 different shows and events over nine days. It was impossible for BlogTour London to cover it all but we managed to cover a fair amount of ground.

DAY 1: designJunction

This year designjunction returned to the 1960s Postal Sorting Office in Central London where a cutting-edge line-up of renowned international brands and emerging design talent were presented across three floors of the impressive 120,000 sq ft venue. New for 2013 was lightjunction, London’s first trade fair dedicated to very best in decorative lighting.

designjunction via designjunction | KitchAnn Style

We began the show with an introduction to the much anticipated UK debut of Kartell by Laufen. I may have to give them their own post later just to discuss their revolutionary SaphirKeramik.

Kartell by Laufen at design junction | KitchAnn Style

 I think this quote from the award-winning designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba sums up the collection best.

“An architectural project, which speaks a new language. Innovative…

View original 223 more words

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