2014 Collection of Contemporary Gold & Silver Border Decorated Sinks

Designers and homeowners are looking to add elements to make their bathroom project unique and our new collection of gold and silver border painted sinks are it. Ten new designs in styles from contemporary geometrics to more traditional editions like this one, the Big Fancy Border.


It’s shown here in real metallic gold on an American Standard Sebring drop-in. The border fits perfectly on the rolled edge of the basin and because the rim of the sink sits on top of the counter it creates a big ‘show of shine’ in the bath or powder room – you can see it from all angles.

Available in real metallic gold or platinum, the Big Fancy Border can be applied to an undermount or drop-in sink and combines easily with almost any vanity and countertop. This one is inspired by an Art Nouveau archive of classic designs with intertwined, stylized leaves, swirls and heart-shaped motifs.


Here are a few beautiful bathrooms featured on Houzz.com it would look great in.

Elegant Gold Bathroom

Opulent Red & Wood Bathroom

Ornate Gold & Marble Powder Room

I especially love the gold and marble powder room above. Simply ornate… done just right.

We use the age old techniques of ceramic decoration on all of our fixtures, the same process that is used for plates and mugs. All of our sinks are decorated by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting durability. Please check out our complete collection of hand painted sinks at  http://www.decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back next week with another addition to our new collection for 2014…Gold & Platinum Border hand painted sinks.

Gold Elegant Swirl Decorated Sink & Three Minimalist Bathrooms

Finally figured out something to make this blog about!! Bathroom ideas that our painted sinks would look good in. Here are three pretty minimalist bathroom interiors that would work with this weeks chosen sink. It’s the Elegant Swirl design shown in Gold on a white Kohler Vox vessel sink. It’s also available in Platinum and was inspired by old style typograhpy when typefaces came with additional ornaments and swirls. The Elegant Swirl motif can be applied to any kind of vessel sink, round, square or oval, in real metallic gold or platinum and can be integrated into almost any style of bathroom interior to personalize the space and truly make it your own.


Decorated Bathroom’s Elegant Swirl Decorated Sink in Gold

We have created these designs with today’s bathrooms in mind. Our designs are silk-screened in the traditional manner (by hand) with specially created inks formulated for ceramic decals. After the decal is applied, the sink is kiln fired to temperatures of about 1500 degrees F which permanently fuses the design to the surface of the china. It will not wear off or fade away with proper care.

I love the clean looking white color scheme in this bathroom with the ultra modern vanity, love the legs. Can’t you just see one of our Elegant Swirls on the front of the sink?

Next up is this contemporary look with the same clean lines and feel to the bathroom. Love the beige tile on the wall and especially the lighting.  The oval vessel sink on the vanity really makes it the focal point in this bathroom, and our Elegant Swirl design would be the crowning glory. It would look great in either gold or platinum.

Here is one more bathroom that I think the Elegant Swirl would look great with. Tucked into the corner, the vanity is another clean-lined piece with not much detailing. The Elegant Swirl, in gold or platinum, would fit nicely in this bathroom. Love the strip of blue mosaic tile, really makes a statement.

Thanks for reading. All these bathrooms were found on Houzz.com. If you haven’t already checked it out… you should.

Please check out the rest of our hand painted sink collection at decoratedbathroom.com.

London Design Festival 2013


Great video of team setting up I think a bathroom display for London Design Festival. Some of our sink designs would look awesome on those sinks. http://www.decoratedbathroom.com. Great music too.

Originally posted on KitchAnn Style:

The London Design Festival celebrated its eleventh birthday September 14-22nd with over 300 different shows and events over nine days. It was impossible for BlogTour London to cover it all but we managed to cover a fair amount of ground.

DAY 1: designJunction

This year designjunction returned to the 1960s Postal Sorting Office in Central London where a cutting-edge line-up of renowned international brands and emerging design talent were presented across three floors of the impressive 120,000 sq ft venue. New for 2013 was lightjunction, London’s first trade fair dedicated to very best in decorative lighting.

designjunction via designjunction | KitchAnn Style

We began the show with an introduction to the much anticipated UK debut of Kartell by Laufen. I may have to give them their own post later just to discuss their revolutionary SaphirKeramik.

Kartell by Laufen at design junction | KitchAnn Style

 I think this quote from the award-winning designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba sums up the collection best.

“An architectural project, which speaks a new language. Innovative…

View original 223 more words

Love the lodge & cabin style? Check out these bathroom sinks…

A whole industry has developed around rustic home decor and interior design for the lodge, lake house, cottage or fishing cabin. We’ve got our addition to the options with these Lodge Design hand painted sinks with a selection of gorgeous fish, wolves, moose, deer and flying geese.

The best thing about these are the motifs we use, they are beautifully hand-painted and finely lithographed so the results are always fantastic. They look great on a drop-in or undermount, but are also fabulous on the front of a vessel sink. Great colors make them easy to coordinate to any bathroom decor, counter or vanity. Some of them might be described as just a little bit ‘camp’… but in a good way.

Big Salmon Fish hand painted sink

Salmon ‘Big Fish’ design hand painted sink on a white under mount basin.

My absolute favorite is this gorgeous salmon, it’s the Big Fish design. Rendered in cool shades of blue, turquoise, green and even a little purple on the fish scales. It’s shown here on a center drain 17 x 14″ St Thomas Vanity undermount.

Muskie Lodge design hand painted undermount sink

Muskie design hand painted sink in shades of brown, red and green.

This one is my second favorite after the Salmon. It’s a big Muskie (pretty sure about that, if not let us know!) and it’s beautifully painted in several shades of brown, beige, yellow, green and highlighted with a deep maroon red. Light green seaweed and little shells surround it with another smaller fish on the opposite side. It looks great on this St Thomas Vanity undermount, the deep bowl makes a great space for decoration.

Moose and deer hand painted sink

Deer and Moose design in shades of brown on a white drop-in sink.

This is one of the most popular designs, the Moose & Deer. I think because there are so many hunters out there and this one is perfect for a hunting lodge or cabin. It’s a deer and a moose gazing into one another’s eyes rendered in shades of beige and brown. The smaller images on the rim are a kind of distressed or antiqued finish and are a lighter shade of brown with beige, gray and off white. The little animals look great on the rim and the design can be modified to fit on any kind of sink or toilet.

Howling Wolves Hand Painted Undermount Sink

Howling Wolves design hand painted sink in shades of deep indigo, with highlights in turquoise and yellow.

The Howlin’ Wolves sink is painted in gorgeous shades of deep indigo blue and black with highlights of yellow and light turquoise blue. The pack of wolves are howling at the moon in a winter forest with a lake and snow-capped mountains in the distance.  It works great on this undermount basin and can also be applied to the front of a vessel sink.

Ducks in Flight hand painted sink

Five Mallard ducks in shades of red, green and brown with green heads and yellow beaks.

One last sink… one for the duck hunters. The Ducks in Flight hand painted sink has five Mallard ducks flying across the basin. The male’s have bodies in shades of white and gray with bright red necks and feet, yellow beaks and of course…green heads. The females are painted in soft tones of brown and beige. Great for your hunting cabin, fishing lodge or place in the woods.

If you are into animals, we also have several other designs with animal themes including Leopard and Zebra. Check them out at the web site decoratedbathroom.com or go straight to the Animal Design page on the site.  Thanks for reading.

Oriental Dragons in a Blue & White Bathroom

Blue and white is always popular in interiors and because it looks and feels clean, especially appropriate for the bathroom. This particular one was done for a client who wanted to go all out with the blue and white theme. As you can see in the photo, the accessories, towels, pretty much everything in the entire bathroom is done in blue and white. The Oriental Dragon motifs add an eclectic diversion to the otherwise traditional theme of the decor.


Blue and white bathroom with Oriental Dragon design sink and accessories

It’s a big bright bathroom with a large window and a gorgeous view of the countryside. The ultra high gloss foil finish custom cabinetry has lots of storage for all the other blue and white accessories not already on display. As you can see, the countertop is a bright blue Formica (the lady likes Formica, what else can be said).


Oriental Dragons design painted on a Kohler Devonshire drop-in

The sink is a Kohler Devonshire Drop in. There are several dragons in various positions and a classic geometric border running around the edge of the sink in shades of navy and light blue.


Oriental Dragon matching accessories

A complete set of matching ceramic accessories were created including a soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush holder and vase all decorated with the dragons and/or border.

blue oriental dragon ceramic decal

All of the dragons have a really fierce expression and are painted in a traditional Oriental style.

The dragon is truly a vintage decal, probably from the 60′s or 70′s and was lithographed as opposed to the way they are done these days which is usually as 4 color process. The lithographed decals produce excellent results with sublte color variations and very fine details, they fire onto the surface of the china nicely. One of the awesome properties of ceramic decals is that if they are properly stored, they are good for many, many years. They are basically ground up glass and a bit of medium so there isn’t too much that can deteriorate.


One piece Kohler toilet with Oriental Dragons design on the lid

One last shot…. of the toilet. This is a one piece Kohler model. The customer purchased the toilet and supplied the tank lid to us for decoration. I love it with the blue and white mosaic tile floor. You can also get a good look at the oversize wall tiles in this photo which really make this bathroom sparkle.

This particular sink is not on the website because we have just enough of the dragon motifs to do one more project. Interested? Visit our website and click on the contact us link at the very bottom of the page for more info.

If you are a fan of blue and white, we have several other designs on decoratedbathroom.com that feature this color combination. Two of our most popular are the Blue Amaranth and the Blue Amaranth Medallion which are a combination of roses and flowers in shades of blue. As always, all of our sinks are decorated by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting durability and enjoyment.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to check out our complete collection of hand decorated and hand painted sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories at decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading.

Groovy Gold Geometric Design Decorated Sinks


Some of our new collection of gold decorated vessel sinks.

For so many years decorated and hand painted sinks have been stuck in the garden. Not anymore! Our new collection of gold and platinum decorated sinks were designed to coordinate with today’s bathrooms. We’ve taken our inspiration from times old and new to create these versatile geometric designs in real metallic gold (and platinum). They can be installed with so many kinds of vanity or counter top in any style of bathroom decor, from traditional to uber contemporary. Here are a five of our favorites…

Gold Big Squares Design Painted Sink

Gold Big Squares Hand Painted Vessel Sink

Big Squares Design in Gold on a Petite Round Vessel Sink

This is a contemporary interpretation of a classic Greek Key motif. The big bold sets of squares shine brilliantly with all that gold. It’s shown here on a petite round vessel about 14″ in diameter but can be applied to any kind of flat fronted vessel sink, round, oval or square. Available in real metallic gold, as shown above, and platinum.

Gold Loops Design Hand Painted Sink

Gold Loops Design Hand Painted Vessel Sink

Continuous Gold Loops Design Hand Painted Vessel Sink

These Gold Loops are so cool, I love them, they make me feel good. A little retro, a lot of fun and totally sophisticated this design looks great on a round vessel but will also fit well on an oval or rectangle vessel, and of course available in gold or platinum.

Cloverleaf Design Hand Painted Vessel Sink

Gold Cloverleaf Hand Painted Vessel Sink

Gold Cloverleaf design on a white oval vessel sink

The familiar cloverleaf motif on this sink has a kind of mid-century modern feel to it. Could also be interpreted as a kind of 70′s feel too but we won’t think about that for a few more years, if they ever come back. Can you imagine it, brown panelling and orange shag rugs? OMG. I dread the day. I’ll stick with the gold.

Gold Chevron Stripe Painted on a White Round Vessel

Gold Chevron Stripe Painted Vessel Sink

Gold Chevron Stripe design on a white round vessel sink

Chevrons are showing up everywhere right now. The clean lines make it a sure fire hit in any bathroom, powder room or guest bath. This is our version done as a stripe here. The chevron stripes can also be continued all the way down to the bottom of the basin. Check out this example on the website, Chevron on a Rectangle Vessel.

Every time I see a geometric design right now I have to take a second look, they feel good. Maybe it’s the order and the repetition in them that gives one comfort after all the tumultuous times our world has been through these last few years. They go with practically anything  and can be integrated into so many different interior design styles.

Concentric Squares Design on a White Oval Vessel Basin

Gold Concentric Squares Design Painted Vessel Sink

These concentric squares create an optical illusion of striped triangles and diamonds in a running border on this oval vessel sink. The sink measures about 20″ x 14-1/2″ and is a nice size for an unusual vanity like a dresser or table because it’s not too deep.

Technical Info

All of our gold and platinum designs are created with real metallic gold and platinum and produce a beautiful, shiny luster after they are fired. We’ve worked hard with our silk screener SDI Custom Decal and our raw material suppliers in Germany to create the artwork and produce our decals to the highest possible standard. Once they are applied to our sinks here in USA, they are kiln fired to temperatures of about 1500 degrees F to permanently fuse the design to the glaze on the sink.  It will not wear off or fade away with proper cleaning. We take  great care with every one of our sinks and toilets to make sure that it is an original work of art produced to the highest possible standard to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Whether your bathroom is traditional, contemporary, eclectic, modern, totally wild, groovy, classy… whatever it is… it will be even more so with one of our sinks in it.  Check out our complete collection at decoratedbathroom.com and…. thanks for reading.

Elegant Rope Border Painted Sink & the Gold and Beige Bathroom

What do I have to say about Beige in the Bathroom?

When I was into punk rock we had buttons that said “No Beige”. I’ve tried to abide but it’s never been easy. Not one of my favorite colors but it’s absolutely everywhere in this world and I have to admit it’s used all the time with great success. Elegant and simple, it combines so well with so many other shades and… as always… looks great with gold. Everything pretty much does look great with gold and the Metallic Gold Rope Border undermount basin is no exception.

Rope Border hand painted under mount sink.

Rope Border hand painted undermount sink.

The slightly opalescent sheen to the mirror, somewhere between gold and silver, looks great set against the tumbled stone tiles. Stand alone mirrors are showing up everywhere in bathroom style these days they can really make a statement in a bathroom interior, especially powder rooms. Plus they stay cleaner longer because they are usually hung higher above the sink and further from water splashes.

Rope Border painted sink, bronze faucet & gold accessories

Rope Border painted sink, bronze faucet & gold accessories.

Now I’m not a big fan of brown either but this faucet is kind of cool and works great with the stone. It’s a slightly lighter shade than most, closer to bronze, and can be used for a single hole or 4″ faucet drilling. Thanks again to Standard Plumbing Las Vegas for dismantling their showroom (switching from American Standard to Kohler) and supplying us with some great sample sinks which included really nice, high end faucets. Bonus!

Here’s the actual sink with the Rope Border Design. This is a standard 17 x 14″ undermount but it can be applied to virtually any sink. We would like to see it on the front of a vessel, it would look good, up near the top.

Rope Border Hand Painted Sink

Metallic Gold Rope Border on a 17″ x 14″ undermount basin

Our Border Design hand painted sinks…

coordinate easily with any vanity style and countertop from traditional to ultra contemporary can be the perfect touch to bring together the total look of your new bathroom interior.

Another sink from the our Gold Borders Hand Painted sink collection that could work well in this bathroom interior is the  Matte & Metallic Gold Border.

Matte & Metallic Gold Border Hand Painted Sink

Matte & Metallic Gold Border Painted Sink on a Kohler Devonshire

This one is on a Kohler Devonshire and the curved area near the top of the sink makes a great space for the border.

Fortunately this design has enough going on in it that it covers over the ugly Kohler logo that they have marred all their sinks with. Back in the good old days we could use them because they came with a peel off logo. Not anymore, they stamp it on there, usually crooked and it’s into the glaze. Fortunately we have China to get our fixtures from (we design and decorate them here in the USA) and not everything that comes from China is bad. There isn’t a whole heck of a lot that can go wrong with a piece of porcelain and some glaze, China has been doing that for centuries. Really… and most of the big name manufacturers here get their sinks from China and Mexico. I should do a posting on what’s wrong with sinks, it’s a constant headache for us, little black spots, crooked drain holes. We try very hard.

One more sink, we’ve shown this one before, but the Greekie Key undermount in gold goes with everything. It’s got even more gold on it and would coordinately nicely with the stone tiles and gold accessories in this bathroom design. It also looks great in the Black and Gold Greek Key Themed Guest Bath which was covered in a previous post.

Gold Greek Key Design Hand Painted Sink

Gold Greek Key Design Painted Sink

Heading out to the Valley of Fire State Park just outside Las Vegas tonight to watch the meteor showers. You can count on a clear sky in Las Vegas, temperature is going down to 74 degrees!!!! and just hoping for a good show in the sky.

Two days later… We’ll we went, it was boiling hot, I saw one super gigantic meteor about 11 pm (John missed it) and not much else. It was a bit of a long night and then boiling hot in the sun about 7 am.

Thanks for reading the blog. I appreciate it and please remember to click through some of the links above and check out the rest of our collection at decoratedbathroom.com.

Light Blue Spa Style Bathroom

I’ve seen quite a few spa inspired bathrooms in our travels lately, both on land and online. Calm, serene, spa like bathrooms where you are actually meant to spend time in and relax are very popular.

New bathroom idea…

inspired by the spa style bathroom at Tower 23 Hotel in Pacific Beach, California, where we recently had a great weekend. The bathroom in our room was this gorgeous light blue color, highlighted with white fixtures and neutral tiles and floor. One of our platinum or silver decorated sinks would have looked great in there.

Light Blue Spa Bath with Platinum Loops Decorated Sink

To create this spa style powder room idea…

We combined the Platinum Loops design on a contemporary vessel sink with a high gloss white vanity from Ikea for $75 (scratch and dent).  The best thing about this vanity, besides the great look, are the big storage drawers. It’s the usual Ikea quality, really pretty darn good (but don’t move it around too much) and looks awesome. We had the glass top cut and sandblasted for $60 to cover the top of it and besides a perfect fit, it matches beautifully. The oval bevelled mirror is also from Ikea, about $15.

We love this flat open vessel sink, it’s a great space for decorating. Lots of our designs would look great on it, so far we have done a Florentine design on it in buscuit. We did a prior blog posting on that one, Red and Gold Florentine bathroom. Looks great although that sink takes forever to make!


This design is one of our more unique and unusual ones… it’s whimsical for sure but I think totally groovy too. It’s one I would put in my own home, and that’s saying a lot considering how many sinks I see on a daily basis!

Side View Platinum Decorated Vessel Sink

The sink looks good with the clean contrast of the white fixture with the platinum design, the light blue walls, high gloss white vanity and neutral gray tile floor. This shot of the faucet isn’t the best, but if you look back to the top photo you can see it a little better. It’s a great vessel fucet and I would like to says thanks to Brian and our local Standard Plumbing Supply. They have switched from American Standard to Kohler and redid their whole showroom. We got a bunch of great sample sinks from them and they all came with the faucets. How awesome!!! Faucets are expensive and we are always on the lookout for them for our bathroom set-ups. This one, (I don’t know who made) is one of those vessel faucets that converts to two different heights and therefore twice as useful to us. It’s obviously excellent quality too, because it’s heavy.

Platinum Loose Loops Modern Hand Painted Vessel Sink

This is the actual sink. Please check it out on the web site,  Loose Loops. We need traffic on google and activity to the website, honestly it’s the main purpose of this blog, so please click now and “make it work’, like Tim Gunn would say. Thank You!

Loose Loops Painted Vessel Sink

The Loose Loops design (I’m not in love with that name, anybody have any suggestions please comment below, thanks) is available in gold and platinum and can be applied to any kind of sink or toilet. I would like to see it on a contemporary pedestal and toilet in my own powder room with chrome and mirrors.  In the meantime, check out the rest of our collection of unique hand painted and decorated bathroom fixtures at decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading. Back soon with another bathroom interior design.

Elegant Chintz Bathroom & Accessories

This bathroom was done for a client who loves painted sinks. She purchased several and installed them in several of her (numerous) bathrooms. This one is in the master bath, which is done in white with marble and lots of mirrors. The Chintz sink, toilet and accessories really stand out against the neutral background. Love the swan faucets which were $$$ but exactly what the client was looking for.

Chintz painted sink in white and mirrored bathroom



The Chintz design on the toilet was  highlighted with gold bands to tie it in with the gold faucets and flusher on the toilet.

Chintz painted toilet


The flowers in the chintz design are done in a watercolor style and include pink and white roses, yellow buttercups, light blue forget-me-nots, lots of green leaves and even a butterfly or ladybug. The Chintz design looks great in a Victorian renovation or in something a little more contemporary like this bathroom. The wide range of colors in the design make it easy to pick one up and coordinate your bathroom around it.

This is the actual sink that we sell on the site, shown here on a white fluted drop-in




This is the toilet tank with gold bands.

Chintz and Gold painted toilet tank

All of the chintz designs can be adapted to almost any style of sink or toilet and can be modified with more or less of the design on fixture. Please check out the rest of our decorated bathroom fixtures and accessories at decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading. See you soon in a new bathroom with one of our decorated sinks.

Custom Floral Vessel Sink… and not in a bathroom

This project was a custom version of the Wrapping Paper Flowers design sink in turquoise, lime green and navy blue on a biscuit vessel sink.

custom decorated vessel sink

The client provided us with three color chips and we custom matched the floral pattern to coordinate. We provided this mock-up to the client for approval and got the go ahead.

Mock-up for client

Mock-up for 3 color Wrapping Paper Flowers painted sink

It turned out fantastic and looks awesome installed. Love the contrast with the stone walls, ultra modern faucet, glass countertop and elegant scroll supports.

Here is the room installation, it really puts the sink on display. Do you think any visitors ever mention it when they enter the room? Many thanks to designer Leah Rabi for her vision and great photos.
You can check out the Wrapping Paper Flowers design decorated sink here. It’s available in many colors and can also be custom matched to any color, any combination on any color sink.
Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted and decorated sinks at decoratedbathroom.com.
Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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