Red, Blue & Gold Florentine Powder Room Painted Sinks

The Florentine design is an Italian classic and can be the perfect theme to a well decorated powder room. The design is composed of ornate scrolls with stylized leaves and flowers in shades of gold, blue and red, highlighted with real metallic gold. In this post we will be featuring this elegant design painted on a biscuit slab vessel sink, a pretty scalloped edge drop-in and a toilet tank lid, all available on our website at

Florentine Design Painted Sink in Ornate Red Powder Room

Florentine design painted on a biscuit vessel basin in red and gold bathroom.

Florentine design painted on a biscuit vessel basin in red and gold bathroom.

Here it is in a red bathroom on a gold-leaf reproduction antique dresser than has been repurposed to a unique vanity. A large gold mirror ties it all together and the sink matches perfectly with it’s red, gold and blue highlights. See more shots of this powder room featured in a previous post here, Red & Gold Florentine Powder Room.

Florentine Design Decorated Vessel Basin

Florentine design painted on a contemporary biscuit vessel basin.

Florentine design on a contemporary biscuit vessel basin.

Here is a better shot of the sink. There are small blue and red flowers and muted green leaves which inter-twined with the scrolls. It shown here on a contemporary slab shaped vessel wash basin. It’s about 24″ wide and 14″ front to back. All the flat areas on the sink make it a great choice for decorating. Available on our website here, it’s kind of expensive but it takes forever to make it!

Customer Master Bathroom with Florentine Sink

hand painted ornate vessel sink

Florentine design in bathroom

This is a cell phone shot in a customer’s bathroom of the Florentine Vessel. She really did it up in her master bathroom with lots of ornate accessories. You can see the jeweled mirror frame in the background and gold dolphin faucet. I especially love her hand in the photo going for the toothbrushes! This one is installed in a house that I think belonged to Debbie Reynolds or somebody like that in Las Vegas. Super cool house, a piece of Vegas history.

Florentine on a Scalloped Edge Drop-in

Red, gold and blue and metallic gold Florentine design painted on a pretty scalloped edge drop-in ceramic sink.

Red, gold and blue and metallic gold Florentine design on a pretty scalloped edge drop-in ceramic sink.

We have made several of these drop-in’s decorated with the Florentine design. It goes well with the scalloped edge on the porcelain basin. This one takes a long time to make too but well worth it because the finished product is spectacular. On the website here.

Red, gold and blue florentine design toilet tank lid

Florentine design on a one-piece Kohler toilet.

Last up is the design on this one piece Kohler Toilet tank lid. Adding the design to the toilet really ties the whole bathroom together. Just noticed the air freshener under the toilet there on the left!

These are just a few of the painted bathroom fixtures we have available in the Florentine design. It can be adapted to a pedestal sink, that would be spectacular, or even an under counter basin Please visit our website, to see our complete collection of hand painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories, kiln-fired and made by hand in the USA!!!! Thanks for reading.

Decorated Bathroom Basins for the Men’s Room

Here are a few of our decorated and hand painted sinks and basins that would look smart in a men’s room or man’s bathroom. We will be featuring a few metallic geometric designs, the Cigar sink and some of our Lodge design sinks in this post.

Metallic Gold Big Squares on a Small White Vessel

Big Squares design in gold painted on a small white vessel basin.

Big Squares design in gold painted on a small white vessel basin.

This design is can be integrated into any style of bathroom from traditional to contemporary and especially into one that is gender neutral, it’s called the Big Squares and can be applied to any flat front vessel sink. Currently available in gold only but could be custom produced in platinum, which would create a really modern feel. This design is also available in a smaller version with smaller squares (approx. 2″ diameter) that fit on an under mount or drop-in sink. You can see it on the website here, Greekish Key Border, in gold or silver.

Custom Vintage Cigar Labels Painted Sink

Vintage cigar labels painted on a white under mount sink.

Vintage cigar labels painted on a white under mount sink.

The Cigar Labels on this sink are taken from a historic archive of actual labels. Beautifully rendered images with great colors adds a touch of art and nostalgia. We’ve got enough decals to make two more sinks. Absolutely gorgeous colors and images with lots of portraits and beautiful typography. Perfect for the man cave or cigar lounge. We did a whole blog post on the cigar labels with more detailed photos. Check it out here.

Deer & Moose Lodge Design Painted Drop-in Sink

Deer & Moose design painted on a white drop-in.

Deer & Moose design painted in shades of brown and beige on a white drop-in.

The Deer & Moose Design shown here is painted on a white porcelain drop-in basin. The two on the back of the sink are rendered in a realistic form, the ones on the rim have been distressed and are in shades of beige and gray. The don’t look perfect in this photo but they look awesome on the sink. Next time I make one I will get a better photo, now I have a professional Cannon camera and proper lighting. Photos are much improved since I got the lights, and am starting to understand how to work the camera, it’s a little complicated.

Ducks in Flight Painted on a White Vanity Sink

Ducks in Flight lodge design painted on a white center drain drop-in sink.

Ducks in Flight painted on a white center drain drop-in sink.

This is one of our most popular ‘Lodge Design’ sinks. It’s a bunch of ducks flying across the basin, as you can see. They are painted in nice shades of beige, gray, white, green and red, with gold beaks. It’s a little camp but because the ducks are so nicely painted, in such good colors, it can really look cool in the bathroom of your lodge or cabin, even sophisticated. So camp it’s cool. We have a few other Lodge design sinks with fish and wolves. Check out the complete collection on the website here and in a previous blog post here.

Black & Silver Powder Room & Silver Geometric Border Painted Sink

Platinum Geometric Border Painted Sink in Black & Silver Bathroom

Platinum Geometric Border in Black & Silver Bathroom

This is the Chain Maille Border. It’s available in gold or silver and the overall effect is a bit like a woven watch band or something. Another gender neutral design which could be installed in so many different bathroom styles with any style vanity and type of granite countertop. It’s shown here in platinum with a white marble counter top and chrome faucets in a black powder room. These are just a few of our hand painted sinks that would look great in a men’s room. We have some other geometric borders that would also be good, you can check them all out on the website here. All of our sinks are kiln-fired for lasting durability and made by hand in the USA. Thanks for reading.

Paint an English Ivy Garden In Your Bathroom

The Ivy design is another one of our hand painted sink designs that is always popular and a timeless and stylish addition to your decorated bathroom. We’ve put these beautifully painted green ivy leaves and brown stems on pedestal sinks, toilets, drop-in and under counter vanity basins and a few ceramic bathroom accessories too. All of these designs are available on our website,

Ivy Leaves & Stems Painted Pedestal

ivy hand painted pedestal lavatory

Ivy hand painted pedestal lavatory.

Here is the Ivy Pedestal Design painted on a traditional pedestal sink. This was done for a customer who was doing the powder room in a Victorian house. It’s quite a small sink, only about 18″ width because it was a small room. The toilet shown below was done to match the sink.

Ivy Hand Painted Toilet Tank

Ivy design painted on traditional toilet tank & lid.

Ivy design painted on traditional toilet tank & lid.

The Ivy design goes well with the fluting on this traditional or Victorian style toilet tank. The Ivy leaves, vines and stems trail down the front of the toilet tank. This was an elevated tank with a chain pull so we didn’t get too much of the design on the top of the lid because it couldn’t be seen. Check it out on the website here.

Ivy Painted on a Fluted Drop-in

Ivy design hand painted decorative drop-in basin

Ivy design on a fluted drop-in vanity basin

This is my favorite version of the Ivy design, shown here painted on a small St Thomas Antigua drop-in. The fluting on the basin adds a little more interest to the design as it trails it’s way into the basin. This sink measures approximately 17 x 14″. Also available in a larger size.

Ivy Design Painted on a Drop-in Basin

ivy design painted on a kohler pennington

ivy design painted on a kohler pennington drop-in sink

Here is an adaption of the previous design painted on a Kohler Pennington drop-in, the Ivy Drop-in, about 21 x 16″.

Ivy Hand Painted Sink Detail

Hand painted Ivy design detail with green leaves and brown stems sink

Hand painted Ivy design detail with green leaves and brown stems sink

Hand painted Ivy design detail with green leaves and brown stems. It looks kind of matte in the photo but it’s shiny and bright on the sink. You can check out the Ivy ceramic soap dispenser on the accessories page on the website.

Please check out our whole selection of floral hand-painted sinks, as well as our other designs including gold and silver borders on our website, Thanks for reading. – Lynne

Men’s Room Sink with Vintage Cigar Labels

If you have a man cave or cigar aficionado in your home, then this hand painted sink with vintage cigar labels on it is a perfect fit. It full of great colors and pictures and is kiln-fired onto a white porcelain under counter basin.

Vintage Cigar Labels Painted Sink

Decorated sink with vintage cigar labels painted on it.

Decorated sink with vintage cigar labels painted on it.

The cigar labels on the sink are taken from a historic archive of actual labels, published by Dover. They are so beautiful, created back in the good old day, they were probably lithographed  and will add a touch of artistic nostalgia to the bathroom or men’s room.

vintage cigar labels painted on an under mount basin

Detail of cigar labels on the basin.

Top View Cigar Labels Painted Under Counter Basin

Vintage cigar labels painted on a white under mount sink.

Vintage cigar labels painted on a white under mount sink.

How did we paint these on the sink? The process is as follows. The Dover Archive is available on CD, they are actual high resolution scans of the original labels. Normally we have decals silk-screened for our sinks but these ones were made from a unique computer process where a specially equipped color copier with ceramic inks, which are ground up glass pigments, prints out a full color decal. The files and images require tons of tweaking to get the results shown above because ceramic pigment doesn’t work the same as regular 4 color. In the firing process colors that contain reds or purples behave differently than blues or greens, one can burn out the other colors, therefore the colors that make up the decals have to be adjusted accordingly for good results. A while ago we knew a guy who did a great job on them, he sold the machine, not so great the last try with the new company, so this is a limited edition!

Vintage Cigar Labels We Use on the Sink


Close up view of the actual cigar labels we use on the sink.

We have several other sinks suitable for a men’s room or man’s bathroom. Check them out on our website at All of our sinks are made by hand in the USA and fired in ceramic kilns to permanently fuze the design to the surface of the china. It will not wear out or fade away with proper care. Thanks for reading. – Lynne

A Garden of Roses Painted on the Bathroom Basin

Add a rose garden to your bathroom with one of our hand painted and decorated bathroom sinks with roses in every color. This post features a new version of the Scented Garden, the Heirloom Roses in pink and white, delicate Moss Rose, Eden Roses and of course a Chintz design. All available on our website, Our decorated bathroom fixtures are made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty.

Scented Garden Painted on a Big Rim Drop-in

Bouquets of roses and flowers painted with a hummingbird on a white drop-in sink.

Bouquets of roses and flowers painted with a hummingbird on a white drop-in sink.

This is a new version of the Scented Garden we made recently for a customer on the Houzz marketplace. (A great place to get really cool stuff for your home). I should have thought of doing the Scented Garden on this porcelain drop-in basin before, the oversize curved rim really shows off the flowers. Lots of roses in this design, the rest of the flowers include cornflowers, daisies, tulips, poppies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, a hummingbird and butterfly or two, usually a ladybug too, for good luck. It’s what I would describe as a traditional hand-painted sink design. The flowers are painted in a classic Dresden style in many colors with lots of green, blue, pink, red, orange, yellow and purple.

Pink & White Heirloom Roses Painted Porcelain Bath Sink

Pink and white Heirloom Roses design painted on a white fluted drop-in.

Heirloom Roses design painted on a white fluted drop-in.

Garlands of pink and white Heirloom Roses with dusty green leaves and brown vines bring everlasting charm to your bathroom or powder room basin. Shown here on a white fluted St Thomas Antigua drop-in, which we are not using anymore since they started making them in China. We are using wonderful Bates & Bates (which for me, unfortunately just got sold) ceramic basins which are made in the USA in Oxnard, California and perfect in every way!!!! Also looks great on a pedestal or drop-in, check them out on the website.

Eden Rose Painted on a White Fluted Drop-in

Eden Rose painted in maroon and yellow on a white fluted drop-in basin

Victorian style roses painted in shades of maroon and yellow on a porcelain drop-in basin.

This design, Eden Rose is rendered in gorgeous muted tones of deep red, magenta, yellow and dusty pink. We can’t get any more of the larger size of these roses but we have plenty of the smaller size and could rework the design with them. I just noticed it’s not on the website, but contact us for details if you are interested in this design,

Chintz Floral Painted Drop-in Ceramic Basin with Scalloped Edge

Chintz design with roses painted drop-in basin with scalloped edge

Chintz design featuring pink and white roses and a garden of other blossoms in blue and yellow.

Popular and versatile hand-painted style Chintz design looks great in any bathroom! Create a spring garden all year long with pink and white roses, yellow buttercups, light blue forget-me-nots, lots of green leaves and even a butterfly or ladybug are delicately painted in a watercolor style. They look great in any bathroom from a Victorian renovation to a 21st century contemporary. All of the chintz designs can be modified with more or less of the design on the sink or toilet.

Blue Amaranth Traditional Painted Drop-in Sink

Blue and white rose and flowers decorated on a petite fluted drop-in sink.

Blue and white rose and flowers decorated on a petite fluted drop-in sink.

This is the Blue Amaranth design shown on a petite white fluted drop-in basin. It’s inspired by all blue china… Wedgwood, Blue Willow or Blue Delft. If only I knew all those flower names, but I do see big blue roses and a few others, they look like clover blossoms. They are arranged geometrically on the sink to create some order and it gives the design a structured look, traditional or modern.

These are just a few of the hand painted and decorated sinks we make with roses on them. Check out our website for the full collection. Also check our Pinterest Page, we have a board devoted to roses. Thanks for reading. All of our sinks are decorated by hand in Henderson, Nevada and are unique one-of-a-kind creations.

She Sells Sea Shells Painted on Sinks

Seashells look great painted on the sink in a beach or seaside-themed bathroom. In this post we will be featuring two porcelain vessel sinks, a drop-in basin and a pedestal lavatory, all with a variety of sea shells painted on them, some resting on a bed of hand-painted sand.

White Vitra Vessel Sink Painted with Shells and Sand

Sea shells and sand hand painted sand on a white vessel basin.

Sea shells resting on a bed of hand painted sand on a white vessel.

This version is on a very nicely shaped European vessel sink that is higher on both sides and lower on the front and back. A bunch of colorful shells, a starfish, sand dollar and conch with lots of pink, brown and beige highlights are painted on the basin and a beige tone sand texture in the background. Great for the guest bath or powder room in a beach house or condo. Order it here… Seashells Vessel on our website

Sea Shells Design on a Kohler Drop-in

hand painted sea shells design on a white kohler drop-in

Seashells design painted on a white Kohler drop-in.

This is the same series of shells, arranged into a different design with some on the rim, the Seashells Drop-in. No sand in the background. Most of our designs can be adapted to any installation style as well as modifying the design on the basin.

Colorful Seashells Painted on a Biscuit Vessel Sink

Colorful sea shells with hand painted sand vessel wash basin.

Colorful sea shells with hand painted sand background on a vessel wash basin.

We call this the ‘Colorful Sea Shells’ design because the shells are more colorful. Like that? They are painted in shades of brown and beige, golden yellows, and ochre shades with pink, green, blue and red highlights. This version shows them with the hand-painted sand in the background, but it can be done without it too and would still look great. Check it out on our website here.

Sea Shells Painted Pedestal Sink

Hand painted sea shells design on a white pedestal sink.

The sea shells design on a white traditional pedestal.

Here are the same shells as in the first two examples, this time on a traditional pedestal sink, also with no sand. It’s cheaper. We made a toilet tank lid to match this sink, it exploded in the kiln as you can see below.

Exploded Toilet Tank Lid in Kiln

Broken toilet tank lid in ceramic kiln

Never good news when you open the kiln to this.

We had to order the customer a new tank lid and make it again. It’s surprising how often there are hairline cracks in bathroom fixtures. I try to check very carefully before firing, but sometimes crazy things like this happen. It sucks for me bigtime!!!!

Seashells Design painted on a Kohler Toilet Tank

Seashells design painted on a Kohler toilet tank & lid.

Seashells design painted on a Kohler toilet tank & lid.

Here is the Sea Shells Toilet Tank & Lid design painted on a standard white Kohler model, no sand. The shells can be applied to any two-piece toilet tank and lid. You can see some other examples of our hand-painted bathroom toilets in a previous blog post on toilets. We have a few other nautical or beach-themed designs on the website and a few not on there too. We’ve got some lovely ships, fish and dolphins. Contact us for details on those or check out our website for our complete collection of decorated bathroom fixtures made by me, by hand in the USA!!! Thanks for reading.

Custom Gold Orchids Decorated Pedestal Lavatory & Toilet

Ever wondered what a pedestal lavatory with gold orchids and a gold script inspirational saying would look like? This was a project we have been working on since May 2014 and we just finished and shipped it in January. The client had a big budget and wanted something really spectacular for her powder room. The plans where red walls and a gorgeous decorated sink and toilet with the Gold Orchids design and a custom saying, “Jesus, the Living Water”.

Gold Orchids Design Painted on a Fluted Pedestal

Gold orchids on kohler anatole pedestal lavatory painted sink

Gold Orchids design painted on a Kohler Anatole Pedestal Lavatory

The pedestal lavatory we were making this design on was discontinued by American Standard. It was featured in a previous post. The client sourced this very expensive Kohler Anatole pedestal in almond (light beige). I  was glad when nothing broke during firing because that’s a fixture you don’t want to have to order again. It was about $750. The Gold Orchids design fit perfectly with the shape and fluting on the sink and the ‘totally glamorous’ theme of the bathroom interior design. I have sourced a new pedestal in a more reasonable price range for this design, the Barclay Bali, which used to be the St Thomas Barcelona pedestal. Just trying to finish a white one  up for shipping, but I’ll get a few photos first and put it on the site.

Top View of the Bowl with the Gold Orchids & Bands

custom gold orchids kohler anatole hand painted pedestal lavatory

Top view of the pedestal basin painted with the custom Gold Orchids design.

We created a pattern for the highlights on the gold fluting around the bowl and the base of the pedestal and sent it along for silk-screening with the saying. It looks like all those gold curving bands are the same size, doesn’t it? Of course, they were all different so I needed two each of the three separate shapes. As always, thanks to Sue at SDI Custom Decal in Pennsylvania for doing a beautiful job on the decals. Gold looks gorgeous and fired up perfectly!

 Close Up of the Inspirational Saying on the Bowl

gold orchids decorated pedestal lavatory with Jesus saying

Hand painted pedestal bowl with matte & metallic gold orchids design and “Jesus The Living Water”

If you are a person of faith, or not, washing your hands in this sink will be an uplifting experience. I have to admit, I love the saying, “Jesus, the Living Water”, it makes you think, then give some thanks!

 Toilet Tank Painted With the Gold Orchids Design


Custom Gold Orchids design painted on a Kohler Toilet Tank & Lid.

The client also chose this Kohler Devonshire toilet tank & lid to match the toilet. It was a good choice as we were able to highlight the fluting with gold bands. I love it on the toilet tank and it was relatively easy to decorate. The pedestal sink was a bit of a challenge, I had to figure it all out.

 Devonshire Tank Lid With Gold Orchids and Bands

custom gold orchids and bands painted on Kohler Toilet Tank

Gold Orchids design highlighted with gold bands painted on the lid of the toilet tank

Here is a better shot of the lid. We wanted to do the bottom of the toilet as well, it’s a long sad story. The toilet bowl was 1/4″ too big to fit in our kilns as it had a large square base at the bottom of the bowl, so we arranged to have our local kiln store fire it. At the end of November they said ok, just bring it in, so early December I called and they said “kilns too busy getting work fired for Christmas”, then they were closed until the New Year. I called, they gave me the runaround for a few days and then informed me the store was closing and they couldn’t do it. Of course, I had already decorated the bottom. I had to take it all off. What a waste of time, money, decals, heartache etc. At least it’s over and really you don’t see too much of the bowl in a powder room, they are usually too small to get a good view of the bottom of the bowl.

We do undertake custom projects, but to be honest I really don’t love doing them. This particular job, I thought I was charging enough, but as usual with a custom job, so many other factors came into play. So, if you want something custom we can do it, but I need to charge more! I do too many ‘act-of-love’ creations! You can check them all out on our website where we have a great selection of painted bathroom fixtures all kiln-fired and made by hand in the USA. Thanks for reading. Lynne


Floral Scented Garden Design Hand Painted Bath Basins

This is our most popular floral design painted sink, the Scented Garden, in style year after year and available in multiple styles and incarnations. I’ve put this design on vessel sinks, drop-in, under mount, pedestal and on lots of accessories. It’s a Dresden style floral with multitudes of flowers including: tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers and more and a hummingbird, ladybug and butterfly or two! The design is full of beautiful colors and is easily coordinated with any bathroom decor.

Scented Garden with Hummingbird Painted Fluted Drop-in Sink

Scented Garden Floral hand painted bathroom basin

Scented Garden with Hummingbird design painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

This version is the most frequently ordered of the Scented Garden sinks. I’ve made tons of them!!! It’s on a fluted drop-in and available in a petite or grande size, petite is shown. It’s what I would describe as a traditional hand-painted sink. Check it out with a matching mural and toilet in this blue and white bathroom in a previous post and on the website here, Scented Garden with Hummingbird Hand Painted Sink. Also available without the hummingbird.

Scented Garden Drop-in

Scented garden floral drop-in painted bathroom basin

Scented Garden Drop-in design includes a hummingbird painted on the sink.

Here is the Scented Garden Drop-in with a little bit different arrangement of the flowers. We are using Kohler Penningtons for our drop-in sinks right now, they are a little bit more substantial l0oking than the one shown here. You can see what it (the Kohler Pennington) looks like a few sinks further down this post. This design also works great on a fluted drop-in, the same base sink that is shown in the top photo.

Scented Garden Vessel Design

Scented garden floral hand painted vessel basin

Scented Garden Vessel design on a white American Standard Vessel Basin.

Here it is with a whole lot less… Scented Garden Vessel Design. Some customers want just a small accent of flowers on their sink and most of our designs can be modified to include less (or more) flowers on the basin. Here is this design modified to fit on a drop-in.

Vessel Design Modified to Fit on a Kohler Pennington Drop-in

hand painted floral drop-in basin

Scented Garden Vessel Design on a Kohler drop-in basin

This is it. We added more flowers in this version as the rim of the sink really shows off the design. Shipping it out to an interior design in New York. Maybe we will get a photo.

Scented Garden Design on a Small Pedestal Lavatory

scented garden painted floral traditional pedestal lavatory

Scented Garden design painted on a petite traditional pedestal

Here it is on a petite-sized traditional pedestal lavatory. It’s a small sink, about 14 x 18″ designed to fit into the smallest of powder rooms. If you are looking for small pedestal sinks, Signature Hardware has a great selection. This sink not currently on the web site but we can make you one. Contact us at for details.

Scented Garden Accessories

floral hand painted bathroom accessories

Scented Garden design on a ceramic toilet brush holder, wastebasket and tumbler.

I’ve done tons of accessories as well in this design. From the waste basket, toilet brush holder and bathroom tumbler shown above to towel bars and rings, soap dispensers, switch plate covers, toilet paper dispensers, accent tiles and murals. You can see the mural in the previous post of the Scented Garden bathroom referenced above.

We have a broad selection of floral designs that can be painted on any vitreous china sink or toilet as well as coordinating accessories for all our designs. Our hand-painted bathroom fixtures are made by hand in the USA and fired in big ceramic kilns to permanently fuse the design to the porcelain. It will not wear out or fade away with proper care. Please check out our complete collection at Thanks for reading.

Fancy & Decorative Metallic Border Design Hand Painted Bathroom Basins

15Here are a few elegant border hand painted sinks designed and made by hand in the USA, by guess who else but me. You can check out the complete collection of hand painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories on our website, Visit us on, Facebook and of course check out our Pinterest boards. We’ve been working on a certain board, “Bathrooms our sinks would look good in”. When I say we, of course I mean me. There are lots of gorgeous bathrooms, powder rooms, guest baths and master bathroom ideas and suggestions for which one of our sink designs would look good in each interior.

These decorative border designs go great with so many bathroom styles and they add a little extra detail to the sink to make it all a little more special. We’ve made quite a few of this first design lately, the Big Fancy Border. Every sink we put it on it looks fabulous.

Big Fancy Border Design Hand Painted Sink

Big Fancy Gold Border elegant hand painted bathroom sink

Big Fancy Border in Gold on a white American Standard Drop-in.

Add something unique to your bathroom sink with this ornate scroll and stylized leaf border. Available in real metallic gold or platinum, this design adds an elegant touch to a powder room or master bath. Customers love it! Because there is so much gold on the sink, it shines brilliantly and really makes a splash in the bathroom. Coordinates easily with most vanities, granite and marble varieties.

Big Fancy Gold Border Hand Painted Fluted Drop-in

elegant ornate gold border bathroom sink

Big Fancy Border painted on a white fluted drop-in basin

We just made this one recently and as usual the photo doesn’t do it justice. It shines brilliantly with all that gold on it. We got an email from the customer, an interior designer, saying, “I received the sink and it is absolutely gorgeous!” I agree, it was. It’s on a new sink we just started using and they are made in the USA. More, lots more on that in an upcoming blog post. Who needs sinks from China when we can buy better ones here in the USA. Even the name brands, which I won’t mention, are being made in China and the consistency of the quality of production is less than desirable.

Fancy Gold Border Design Painted on a Fluted Drop-in Vanity Basin

Fancy Gold Border design painted on a white fluted drop-in basin

Fancy Gold Border design painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

This border is a little smaller than the one above and is composed of stylized leaves on stems. It’s the Fancy Gold Border in real gold and coordinates with any countertop and is a sophisticated addition to the vanity in a master bathroom, guest bath or powder room. It looks gorgeous on this fluted drop-in, a popular choice by many customers.

Fancy Gold Border Decorated Basin V2!

fancy gold border ornate painted sink

The Fancy Gold Border design on a Kohler Devonshire

Here’s another version of the Fancy Gold Border, this one on a white Kohler Devonshire under mount. What’s nice about that sink is the rolled edge between the two ridges at the top of the basin, where the design is, it fits really well in the space.

Traditional Rope Greek Key Design with Scroll Edge Border

gold greek key hand painted lavatory

Smaller version of the Greek Key design on a white 17 x 14″ under mount.

This is a true Greek Key motif with a decorative scrolled border. Real metallic gold adds a touch of style to the sink in any bathroom, powder room, guest bath or master bathroom.

gold greek key design hand painted ceramic basin

Detail of the Greek Key Hand Painted Porcelain Sink

You can see the decorative scrolled-edge on the design on the basin in the photo above. As usual, sorry about the photo. I’m getting a photographer over here very soon to give me some help photographing the sinks. It’s quite a challenge.

These are just a few of the decorative border designs we offer, many available in both gold and platinum. Please check out all our decorated bathroom sinks, made in the USA, one at a time, by me and with love on our website Thanks for visiting.

Geometric Floral Design Hand Painted Basins

Here are a few of my favorite geometric floral designs from our collection of hand painted vitreous china bathroom sinks. All of our basins are decorated by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for everlasting beauty. Visit our website, to see our complete selection. Most of our designs can be adapted to any kind of installation and we do toilets too!

Bird of Paradise Hand Painted Drop-in Basin

bird of paradise flowers painted vitreous china bathroom sink

Bird of Paradise Flowers Painted on a Biscuit drop-in.

Customize your guest bath or powder room with this colorful design on the sink. The exotic Bird of Paradise flowers are painted in shades of deep red, tangerine-orange, a beautiful shade of purple-blue and of vibrant green leaves.

Blue & Yellow Iris Flowers Decorated Basin

Blue, yellow & green Iris Flowers painted on a white china basin

Blue, yellow & green Iris Flowers on a white under mount.

Blue and yellow iris flowers with green leaves create a geometric border and emblem around the drain on this under mount basin. This design works great on any sink with a drain in the center. See what it looks like on a very small vessel sink in a previous post. Great for a Country French or “Blue China” inspired bathroom interior. Check it out on the website here, Iris Hand Painted Sink.

Pansy Design on a White Vessel Wash Basin

Red, white and purple pansies painted on a white vessel sink

Red, white and purple pansies painted on a white vessel sink.

This is one of my favorites of our floral designs. It’s show here on a standard bowl-shaped vessel basin but looks great on an under-mount too. Beautifully painted pansies in a luscious deep red and purple, some in white with orange and lilac highlights. Gorgeous green leaves and gray stems complete the border. What do I love about this Pansy design? The gorgeous colors, you could do so many different paint colors, styles and looks with this sink as the feature of a powder room.

White and Yellow Daisies Painted on a Round White Vessel Sink

daisies hand painted on a white vessel basin

Daisy Design decorated sink. Shown on a 16″ white vessel basin.

White daisies with delicate gray shading, bright yellow centers and green leaves are painted around the inside rim of this bowl-shaped vessel sink. This Daisy sink looks great in a white bathroom, or would coordinate well with a multi-floral interior. I always wanted to do that, one room with 10 different floral designs, couches, pillows, wallpaper, carpet. Would be lovely. Maybe one day…

These are just a few of the designs we make with flowers on them. We have lots and lots more in many different styles with many different kinds of flowers. Please visit our website, to see what we our complete selection of decorated bathroom fixtures.



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