Hand Painted Accessories for the Bathroom

We just added a new page to the website featuring some of our hand-painted bathroom accessories. They all coordinate with our collection of hand painted sinks, toilets, tiles and of course, accessories. Check out the new accessory page where you can see lots of other examples of our hand painted sink designs on porcelain and ceramic bathroom accessories.

Asian Blue Willow Design Set

Oriental Blue Willow Design bathroom accessory set.

Oriental Blue Willow Design bathroom accessory set.

Bird of Paradise Ceramic Bath Accessories

Bird of Paradise hand painted ceramic bath accessories

Bird of Paradise design on a soap dish, dispenser and cup.

This design has been quite popular lately. Check out the sink on the website here, Bird of Paradise sink, or a previous post which includes a matching toilet tank lid.

Scented Garden and Hummingbird porcelain wall hooks.

Scented Garden and Hummingbird porcelain wall hooks.

Cute porcelain hooks about 3.5″ long with flowers from the Victorian Garden design with a small green hummingbird. Check out the matching sink, Victorian Garden Drop-in.

hand painted floral ceramic tissue box cover

Scented Garden design painted tissue box cover.

I got bored making these tissue dispensers with a flower on each side. Much more creative like this and it matches the sink better. The Scented Garden and Hummingbird on a fluted drop-in.

porcelain toilet roll holder

Gold Swirling Lines design on a porcelain toilet roll holder.

This was a custom order to match the Gold Swirling Lines Sink & Toilet. Check it out on the Installation Gallery on the site, (it’s at the very bottom of the page!)

hand painted floral bathroom accessories

Accessories in the Scented Garden design.

This customer ordered even more accessories than you see here. I did a whole set of drawer knobs with matching flowers on them, they turned out really cute, a big tile mural, switch plates, a vase, the list goes on. Check out the mural and more accessories in a previous post.

These are just some of our designs on ceramic and porcelain bathroom accessories. Check out the new accessories page on our website, decoratedbathroom.com to see more. Thanks for reading.

Hand Painted Sinks for Your Lodge or Cabin Bathroom

Our Lodge and Cabin design hand-painted sinks are surprisingly popular. Choices include a few fish, ducks, wolves, and a moose and deer. They are beautifully lithographed motifs, with sophisticated colors that add an interesting element to an otherwise brown bathroom. Check out our complete collection of painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories on our website, decoratedbathroom.com.

Ducks in Flight Painted Undermount Sink

Ducks in Flight design painted on a white St Thomas undermount

Ducks in Flilght design painted on a white St Thomas under mount basin.

This is the Ducks in Flight Design decorated sink , one of the favorites in our Lodge design collection. Five ducks flying across the sink in stages of flight. It’s easy to coordinate to any style of vanity or color combo and pick up the brown, beige, off white, maroon green and yellow in the design with the towels and bathroom accessories.

Detail of Ducks Painted Sink

Ducks in Flight design painted sink detail.

Ducks in Flight design painted sink detail.

The ducks are rendered shades of gray, white, brown and beige with beautiful green heads, deep red necks and feet and yellow beaks.

Muskie Design Painted Sink

muskie hand painted fish sink

Muskie Design with Small Fish, Seaweed and Shells painted on a white undermount.

I love the addition of the small shells, seaweed and little fish in this design and the muskie is in beautiful shades of green and dark beige with maroon (ish) highlights and light green seaweed. Looks great with any bathroom counter. Check it out on the website here: Muskie Painted Sink.

Deer & Moose Painted Bathroom Basin

hand painted bathroom basin with moose and deer

Moose & Deer hand painted on a white drop-in basin.

The Moose & Deer sink is perfect for a hunting cabin or lodge. A big deer and moose and several smaller ones on the rim of the drop-in sink in a kind of antiqued finish. This design would also look great on a vessel sink or could be adapted to an undermount.

All of our sinks, toilet, tiles and bathroom accessories are hand-made in the USA. We kiln-fire all our fixtures for to permanently fuse the design onto the porcelain, it will not wear out or fade away with proper care. Proper care is to keep them clean and dry and to use non-abrasive cleanser. We use the same method on our fixtures that is used on kitchen plates and mugs so the decoration is on there for the life of the fixture. Thanks for reading. Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted sinks at www.decoratedbathroom.com.

Painted Sinks in Blue Bathrooms

Here are some blue bathrooms from the Installation Gallery on our site, featuring our hand-painted bathroom sinks and a toilet, made by hand in the USA. Check out all the bathrooms in our Installation Gallery at the link above.

Blue and White Bathroom with Oriental Dragons Sink

blue and white bathroom with oriental dragons painted porcelain sink

Oriental Blue Dragon sink in a blue and white bathroom.

This is on a Kohler sink that has a nice rim where two-tone border fits perfectly. This sink isn’t on the site, I have enough of the dragons to make one more sink, with slightly different trim. If you are interested, contact us at info@decoratedbathroom.com.

Kohler Painted Toilet with Oriental Dragons Design

hand Kohler painted toilet with oriental blue dragons design

Oriental Blue Dragon matching one-piece toilet.

This is the toilet tank lid we made to match the sink. It’s a one-piece Kohler toilet, in white.

Blue Roses Painted Sink in Traditional Blue Powder Room

traditional navy blue bathroom with hand painted rose sink

Blue Amaranth design on the sink in a traditional blue bathroom.

This sink is a traditional blue-delft style design with roses and flowers in shades of blue. Looks great with the Wedgewood cup, navy walls and matte platinum mirror frame.

Navy Powder Room With Platinum Fancy Emblem Vessel Sink

navy blue powder room with silver fancy decorated sink

Navy blue powder room with Platinum Fancy Emblem vessel sink.

This is about a 16″ square vessel sink with a decorative emblem in platinum on all sides. Adds a little something extra to the bathroom sink. White marble counter and ornate white-framed mirror complete the scene.

Check out the complete Installation Gallery on the website to see more examples of our painted bathroom sinks in bathrooms. All made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for everlasting beauty. Thanks for reading.

Contemporary Gold & Silver Border Painted Bathroom Sinks

Not all gold borders need to be ornate. We have several border design painted sinks on our website, decoratedbathroom.com which are geometric in nature and look great in a more contemporary bathroom or powder room. They can all be applied to any size of basin and work well on a white or biscuit sink. Because these design are metallic gold or silver, they would also be awesome on a black (or any color) sink. We are currently using American-made Bates & Bates sinks and they can be obtained in a large assortment of colors.

Brick Border Hand Painted Bathroom Sink

Silver brick border design painted on a white vanity basin.

Platinum Brick Border design on a white center drain vanity basin.

This isn’t the best photo of the sink but it’s bright, shiny platinum (silver) and coordinates great in a contemporary or traditional master bathroom or powder room. Available on our website for $599.

Gold Brick Border Painted Vanity Sink

Real metallic gold Brick Border Painted Undermount sink

Real metallic gold Brick Border Painted Undermount

The same sink in gold, little better photo, this time on a 17 x 14″ rear drain undermount vanity sink.

Platinum Chain Maille Border Painted Sink

platinum geometric contemporary border hand painted bathroom sink

Geometric ‘Chain Maille’ design in platinum painted on a white under mount basin.

We call this design Chain Maille because it kind of looks like it. It’s a series of sideways “L” shapes put together to create a subtle texture. Here is a detail.

contemporary design hand painted border basin detail

Detail of the Chain Maille design painted on a white under mount sink.

Modern Black Powder Room with Chain Maille Painted Sink

hand painted silver border sink in modern black powder room

Chain Maille design painted sink in a modern black powder room.

Here it is in a contemporary black and white bathroom with a white marble counter, black walls and crystal candlesticks.

Geometric Concentric Squares Border Painted Basin

modern gold squares design painted bathroom basin

Gold Concentric Squares painted on a white under mount basin.

This sink design is a modern interpretation of the classic Greek Key. It’s been quite popular and is available in real metallic gold or platinum. Check it out on our website.

All of these border designs can be applied to almost any kind of sink or toilet. All of our sinks are kiln-fired and made by hand in the USA. We also have a good selection of more ornate and decorative borders on our site, check out the complete collection at decoratedbathroom.com.

Little Floral Painted Sinks for Small Powder Rooms

We often get requests from customers for very small sinks painted with our designs on them. We can adapt most of our designs to any size of sink and any kind of installation, vessel, under mount, drop-in or pedestal. Here are a few of our floral designs that have been painted on very small sinks. They are just some of the many hand painted sinks for sale on our website, decoratedbathroom.com. Please check out our complete collection, all made by hand in the USA.

Victorian Garden Round Drop-in Painted Sink

Small hand painted sink with Victorian floral design

Victorian Garden design painted on a 12″ American Standard Royton.

This Victorian inspired design includes, Roses, Bluebells, Lily-of-the-Valley, Lilies, Anemone, Violets, Daisy, Honeysuckle, Morning Glory, Foxglove, Sweet William, Poppies, Asters and Cyclamen to name just a few. It’s painted in lots of colors including maroon, purple, gray, gold, pink, blue and several shades of green leaves. This is a design that is very simple to coordinate with the rest of your bathroom or powder room because of the wide variety of colors.

Chintz Design Painted on a Petite Drop-in Sink

Chintz floral design painted on a very small sink

Very small (11 x 13″) hand painted Chintz design sink

This was a very small little sink and very cute when done. The customer had a downstairs powder room in a Victorian house that was a converted closet. Just enough room for a toilet and teeny-weeny vanity. The sink was obtained, blank, from Marzi sink factory, another company here in the US that makes painted sinks, and custom sinks. A little different than our designs but a great company to deal with lots of beautiful sinks.

Victorian Garden Vessel Painted Sink

Small hand painted floral vessel sink

Victorian Garden Design with Tiny Little Hummingbirds on a small biscuit vessel basin.

This sink went to Japan. It’s hard to tell from this photo but it was a 12″ diameter vessel sink adorned with these bouquets of roses and all different kinds of flowers with little hummingbirds. It’s a biscuit color sink and is reminiscent of a salad bowl it’s so small. I guess it fit pretty well in Japan, since everything is so small there.

blue and yellow iris flowers hand painted vessel sink

Blue & Yellow Iris Flowers painted on a petite white vessel sink.

This is another design painted on the ‘salad’ bowl sink, this time with the blue and yellow Iris design. The sink is actually a Kiernan Petite vessel, from Signature Hardware who have a great selection of sinks, including this small vessel.

These are just a few of the floral painted sink designs we sell on our website, decoratedbathroom.com. Please check out our complete collection, there is something for every taste and style. Thanks for reading.

Fancy Gold & Silver Border Painted Sinks

Here is a selection of some of the gold and silver or platinum border painted sinks we sell on our website, decoratedbathroom.com. Most of these designs can be applied to any under mount basin, all of them coordinate seamlessly with any granite or marble counter.

Big Fancy Border in Gold

Big Fancy Gold Border hand painted under mount vanity basin.

Big Fancy Border design in gold on a white rear drain under mount.

This is one of our most popular border designs. It’s painted on the basin in real metallic gold or silver. If you want to add something unique to your bathroom sink, one of our border designs can make a beautiful bathroom even more special.

Big Fancy Border Painted Sink in Platinum

ornate fancy platinum border hand painted under mount basin

Big Fancy Border painted sink in Platinum or silver on a white vanity sink.

Here is the same design in real metallic platinum. The stylized leaves and scroll design shines brilliantly on the sinks and can be painted on to any size of basin.

Fancy Gold Border Painted Sink

ornate gold border decorated bathroom sink

Fancy Gold Border painted on a white 17 x 14″ under mount sink.

This design is a little smaller and not quite as fancy. It’s a stylized leaf design and also looks great with any vanity and marble or granite counter.

Fancy Gold Border on a White Fluted Drop-in Sink

Fancy gold border hand painted fluted sink.

Fancy Gold Border painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

All of our gold borders can be applied to the fluted sink that is shown above. It’s a gorgeous fluted sink about 17 x 14″ (also comes in a larger size) and is made in the USA by Bates & Bates, the last manufacturer to still be making sinks in America. I am so grateful about that because the quality is excellent which I would not always say about the sinks that come out of Mexico or China. Contrary to popular belief, Kohler is not made in the USA. Only problem is that they are a little bit expensive.

Matte & Metallic Gold Border Painted Basin

Matte and metallic gold border painted on a white vanity basin

Matte & Metallic gold border design on a white Kohler Devonshire basin.

Even though I am not a fan of Kohler, this is a Kohler Devonshire under mount basin and has a curved area where the design has been applied. It fits perfectly in the space and really makes the gold shine on the curve.

All of our painted and decorated sinks are made in the USA by hand and kiln-fired for lasting durability. They do not require any special care. We recommend, as do all manufacturers, not to use any abrasive cleanser. Keeping them clean preserves their beauty. All of our fixtures are guaranteed. Please check out our complete collection on our website, decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading.

Eclectic Bathrooms with Painted Sinks

These are some pretty cool bathroom and powder rooms featuring our hand painted bathroom sinks. All of our sinks, toilets and tiles are made by hand and kiln-fired for maximum durability in the U.S.A. Check out our complete collection of made to order painted and decorated bath sinks and basins at www.decoratedbathroom.com.

Pink Powder Room with Black Floral Painted Sink

pink powder room with black and white hand painted bathroom sink

Pink and black powder room featuring black and white painted sink.

This is the Wrapping Paper Floral design painted on a white under mount basin. It’s a geometric floral design, big and bold. It looks great in this light pink bathroom with black accessories. Love the ornate black mirror and candlestick. The design is one of our more unusual ones and comes in a wide variety of colors. Check out the previous post on this design here with more colored versions, including a very subtle one is white on white.

Geometric Floral Painted Sink in Shades of Blue & Green

Wrapping Paper Flowers design in shades of blue and green on a biscuit

Wrapping Paper Flowers design in shades of blue and green on a biscuit Vitra sink.

We love this installation of this custom version of the design with the glass top vanity and unique scrolled edge brackets. To create this sink, the customer provided color samples and we matched the elements of the design to their swatches. What a gorgeous contrast with the stone walls and modern wall-mount faucet. This one went to Israel. We can ship our sinks worldwide and obtain some pretty reasonable rates from ‘Fedex Great Rates’.

Black Powder Room with Chevron Painted Vessel Basin

chevron design painted vessel sink in a black and gold bathroom

Black Powder Room featuring the Chevron design in Gold painted on the vessel sink.

This is the Chevron design painted in gold on a rectangle vessel sink in an elegant black bathroom with a custom vintage wood vanity, ornate silver candlesticks and gold bevelled mirror. We can apply the Chevron design to any sink.

Florentine Painted Vessel in a Red Bathroom

red and gold powder room with florentine painted vessel basin

Florentine design painted on a biscuit vessel sink in red and gold bathroom.

This powder room features deep red walls, and ornate gold leaf dresser which has been repurposed to a vanity and the Florentine design painted on the sink. Another pretty ornate gold mirror completes the installation. We did a whole post on this sink with some other versions of the design, please check it out here.

Mirror & Curio Collection in a Gray Bathroom with Cloverleaf Painted Sink

gray bathroom with mirror collection and silver cloverleaf painted vessel sink

Cloverleaf design painted on the sink in platinum with a great collection of accessories.

This bathroom features a modern black vanity top with an excellent curio collection featuring several vintage mirrors, a 50’s clock, an enamel perfume bottle necklace (green heart) and another green carved stone mask pendantm (to the right of the faucet). You can never go wrong with the Chanel lotion either and we made a soap dispenser with the gold loops design on it. The Cloverleaf design painted on the sink is kind of 50’s inspired, almost mid-century modern.

These are just a few ideas for some eclectic bathrooms with our hand painted sinks in them. Please visit the Installation Gallery website where we have lots more bathroom and powder room design ideas featuring our hand painted sinks. While you are on our site, please check out our complete collection of painted sinks, made by hand in the USA at decoratedbathroom.com.

Gold Orchids in the Powder Room

The Gold Orchids is a great design for those who want to add something beautiful and unique to their bathroom or powder room. Is is one of the more popular designs on our website, decoratedbathroom.com where you will find a beautiful selection of decorated and painted sinks, all made by hand in the USA.

The Gold Orchids design is composed of ornate gold orchids done in a matte and shiny metallic gold finish with delicate black outlines. It looks great on the sinks shown in this post, but can be applied to virtually any sink or toilet.

Gold Orchids Painted Sink in a Gold Powder Room

hand painted sink with gold orchids floral design

Gold Orchids painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

It’s always hard to tell in a photo but the shiny gold sections really sparkle. This example is painted on a white 17 x 14″ fluted drop-in. Available on our website here, Gold Orchids Fluted with a matching porcelain soap dish.

Gold Orchids Painted on a Fluted Pedestal Sink

Gold orchids and bands hand painted pedestal lavatory

Gold Orchids design augmented with gold bands on a fluted ‘Bali’ pedestal.

We used to do this design on an American Standard pedestal but unfortunately (or fortunately) it was discontinued because the sink above, the Bali pedestal is even prettier and a little smaller. The American Standard Repertoire was huge and heavy, very hard to work with. This one is a more appropriate size for a powder room and the sculpted fluting on the leg and front of bowl is perfect for decoration. Available on our website here.

Top view of the Gold Orchids Decorated Pedestal

gold orchids decorated porcelain bathroom pedestal sink

Gold Orchids design decorated pedestal sink bowl.

The scalloped front of the sink is highlighted with two gold bands, one thicker and one thinner. They really accent the shape of the sink and add some extra elegance to the design.

Gold Orchids Decorated on a Kohler Pedestal

Kohler pedestal lavatory painted with gold orchids

Decorative Kohler pedestal painted with the Gold Orchids design.

This customer was very specific about the sink she wanted. I really didn’t want to make it because the blank sink, with no design on it was about $800 but I prayed and did it. Fortunately nothing broke and it turned out spectacularly. We did a previous post on this painted sink with the matching toilet, you can check that out here.

Gold Orchids Pedestal in Ornate Black Bathroom

gold orchids painted pedestal sink in black and gold powder room

Black and gold powder room with the Gold Orchids pedestal lavatory.

This is a faked up powder room. I ran out of energy when doing it but you can see what a great contrast the black walls make with the sink. The ornate gold mirror goes pretty well with the design too.

This design can be applied to practically any sink or toilet. All of our sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories are made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for everlasting beauty and durability. Please check out our complete collection on our website, decoratedbathroom.com and thanks for reading.


Modern Powder Room Ideas Featuring Unique Painted Sinks

Here are some contemporary bathrooms featuring our hand-painted sinks. Check out the Installation Gallery on our website to see more bath and powder room ideas. All of our decorated sinks are made by hand in the USA, kiln-fired for durability and guaranteed for the life of the fixture.

Fancy Emblem Vessel in Navy & White Powder Room

Navy blue powder room with modern hand painted vessel sink

Navy Blue powder room with white marble counter and ornate mirror.

This image gets added to lots of idea books on Houzz.com. The ornate white mirror creates a great contrast with the navy blue walls in the powder room and white marble counter. It makes a great space to show off the Fancy Emblem design in platinum painted on the sink.

Black Powder Room with Platinum Border Painted Sink

black and white bathroom with hand painted border basin

Chain Maille design in platinum in a black and white bathroom.

This Chain Maille design is one of my personal favorites. You can see a more detailed view of the actual design on the website here. It’s made up from L shapes on their side to create a texture for the border painted on the sink. 

Dark Blue/Gray Powder Room with Custom Pedestal Lavatory

blue powder room with custom pedestal sink and white accessories

Gold Swirling Lines design painted on a contemporary pedestal with white bathroom accessories.

This is an American Standard Pedestal lavatory with a basic shape and clean lines. It’s decorated with the Gold Swirling Lines design. We also did a matching toilet tank for this sink and a complete blog post on the powder room.

Elegant Swirl Vessel Sink in Black Powder Room

black and gold bathroom with modern decorated vessel sink.

Gold Elegant Swirl design on a white vessel sink in black and gold bathroom.

You can’t go wrong in a powder room with gold and black. It’s dramatic and can be modern or traditional. I love a dark powder room, it’s encompassing. This one features the Elegant Swirl design painted on a rectangle shaped vessel sink.

These are just a few of the powder room ideas we have on the Installation Gallery on our website. Please check them all out on our website, and our complete collection of hand painted sinks, at decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading.

Pink & White Roses in the Powder Room

Ever think you might want a garden of roses painted all over your bathroom fixtures? A recent customer did and we made her this custom version of the Heirloom Roses design on a biscuit color St Thomas fluted basin and matching toilet.

Pink Heirloom Roses Painted Sink

Heirloom Roses & Hummingbirds painted on a biscuit fluted drop-in basin.

Heirloom Roses & Hummingbirds painted on a biscuit fluted drop-in basin.

Normally we paint this design in a more geometric format (you can see that one on our website here) but this customer wanted the roses trailing into the basin with a few hummingbirds. It was a bit of a challenge but it turned out great and we added it to the website as well. You can view more info and buy it here.

Close-up of the Heirloom Roses on the Sink

pink roses and hummingbirds painted bathroom basin

Detail of the roses and hummingbirds on the sink.

You can see the pretty pink and white roses, brown stems and green leaves in this detail.

Heirloom Roses Toilet Tank & Lid

pink and white roses and hummingbirds on a toilet tank & lid.

Trailing Heirloom Roses painted on the St Thomas Arlington toilet tank & lid.

The customer also ordered a toilet tank and we created this one to match the design on the sink. It has an extra hummingbird along with lots of flowers and blooms and has been decorated on a biscuit color St Thomas Arlington Toilet. Check it out on our website, Trailing Heirloom Roses Toilet Tank & Lid.

Heirloom Roses Soap Dispenser

Heirloom Roses deisgn painted on a white porcelain soap dispenser.

Heirloom Roses design painted on a white porcelain soap dispenser.

The final item we made was a soap dispenser to match the sink & toilet.

These is just one of the floral decorated sink designs available on our website. All of them are kiln-fired for lasting durability and made by hand by me (Lynne) in the USA. Please check out the complete collection at decoratedbathroom.com and thanks for reading.



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