hand painted floral drop-in basin

Floral Scented Garden Design Hand Painted Bath Basins

This is our most popular floral design painted sink, the Scented Garden, in style year after year and available in multiple styles and incarnations. I’ve put this design on vessel sinks, drop-in, under mount, pedestal and on lots of accessories. It’s a Dresden style floral with multitudes of flowers including: tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers and more and a hummingbird, ladybug and butterfly or two! The design is full of beautiful colors and is easily coordinated with any bathroom decor.

Scented Garden with Hummingbird Painted Fluted Drop-in Sink

Scented Garden Floral hand painted bathroom basin

Scented Garden with Hummingbird design painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

This version is the most frequently ordered of the Scented Garden sinks. I’ve made tons of them!!! It’s on a fluted drop-in and available in a petite or grande size, petite is shown. It’s what I would describe as a traditional hand-painted sink. Check it out with a matching mural and toilet in this blue and white bathroom in a previous post and on the website here, Scented Garden with Hummingbird Hand Painted Sink. Also available without the hummingbird.

Scented Garden Drop-in

Scented garden floral drop-in painted bathroom basin

Scented Garden Drop-in design includes a hummingbird painted on the sink.

Here is the Scented Garden Drop-in with a little bit different arrangement of the flowers. We are using Kohler Penningtons for our drop-in sinks right now, they are a little bit more substantial l0oking than the one shown here. You can see what it (the Kohler Pennington) looks like a few sinks further down this post. This design also works great on a fluted drop-in, the same base sink that is shown in the top photo.

Scented Garden Vessel Design

Scented garden floral hand painted vessel basin

Scented Garden Vessel design on a white American Standard Vessel Basin.

Here it is with a whole lot less… Scented Garden Vessel Design. Some customers want just a small accent of flowers on their sink and most of our designs can be modified to include less (or more) flowers on the basin. Here is this design modified to fit on a drop-in.

Vessel Design Modified to Fit on a Kohler Pennington Drop-in

hand painted floral drop-in basin

Scented Garden Vessel Design on a Kohler drop-in basin

This is it. We added more flowers in this version as the rim of the sink really shows off the design. Shipping it out to an interior design in New York. Maybe we will get a photo.

Scented Garden Design on a Small Pedestal Lavatory

scented garden painted floral traditional pedestal lavatory

Scented Garden design painted on a petite traditional pedestal

Here it is on a petite-sized traditional pedestal lavatory. It’s a small sink, about 14 x 18″ designed to fit into the smallest of powder rooms. If you are looking for small pedestal sinks, Signature Hardware has a great selection. This sink not currently on the web site but we can make you one. Contact us at info@decoratedbathroom.com for details.

Scented Garden Accessories

floral hand painted bathroom accessories

Scented Garden design on a ceramic toilet brush holder, wastebasket and tumbler.

I’ve done tons of accessories as well in this design. From the waste basket, toilet brush holder and bathroom tumbler shown above to towel bars and rings, soap dispensers, switch plate covers, toilet paper dispensers, accent tiles and murals. You can see the mural in the previous post of the Scented Garden bathroom referenced above.

We have a broad selection of floral designs that can be painted on any vitreous china sink or toilet as well as coordinating accessories for all our designs. Our hand-painted bathroom fixtures are made by hand in the USA and fired in big ceramic kilns to permanently fuse the design to the porcelain. It will not wear out or fade away with proper care. Please check out our complete collection at decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Floral Scented Garden Design Hand Painted Bath Basins

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  2. Hi there,

    You have delightful products.
    Could you please give me an estimate of costing for the Scented Garden Design on a Small Pedestal Lavatory and do you ship to Australia?

    Best Regards Rebecca Price


  3. I would like to have a bathroom sink with one or two poppies painted on it. Do any of your vendors make a painted sink to order in the size and design I want?


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