custom gold orchids and bands painted on Kohler Toilet Tank

Custom Gold Orchids Decorated Pedestal Lavatory & Toilet

Ever wondered what a pedestal lavatory with gold orchids and a gold script inspirational saying would look like? This was a project we have been working on since May 2014 and we just finished and shipped it in January. The client had a big budget and wanted something really spectacular for her powder room. The plans where red walls and a gorgeous decorated sink and toilet with the Gold Orchids design and a custom saying, “Jesus, the Living Water”.

Gold Orchids Design Painted on a Fluted Pedestal

Gold orchids on kohler anatole pedestal lavatory painted sink

Gold Orchids design painted on a Kohler Anatole Pedestal Lavatory

The pedestal lavatory we were making this design on was discontinued by American Standard. It was featured in a previous post. The client sourced this very expensive Kohler Anatole pedestal in almond (light beige). I  was glad when nothing broke during firing because that’s a fixture you don’t want to have to order again. It was about $750. The Gold Orchids design fit perfectly with the shape and fluting on the sink and the ‘totally glamorous’ theme of the bathroom interior design. I have sourced a new pedestal in a more reasonable price range for this design, the Barclay Bali, which used to be the St Thomas Barcelona pedestal. Just trying to finish a white one  up for shipping, but I’ll get a few photos first and put it on the site.

Top View of the Bowl with the Gold Orchids & Bands

custom gold orchids kohler anatole hand painted pedestal lavatory

Top view of the pedestal basin painted with the custom Gold Orchids design.

We created a pattern for the highlights on the gold fluting around the bowl and the base of the pedestal and sent it along for silk-screening with the saying. It looks like all those gold curving bands are the same size, doesn’t it? Of course, they were all different so I needed two each of the three separate shapes. As always, thanks to Sue at SDI Custom Decal in Pennsylvania for doing a beautiful job on the decals. Gold looks gorgeous and fired up perfectly!

 Close Up of the Inspirational Saying on the Bowl

gold orchids decorated pedestal lavatory with Jesus saying

Hand painted pedestal bowl with matte & metallic gold orchids design and “Jesus The Living Water”

If you are a person of faith, or not, washing your hands in this sink will be an uplifting experience. I have to admit, I love the saying, “Jesus, the Living Water”, it makes you think, then give some thanks!

 Toilet Tank Painted With the Gold Orchids Design


Custom Gold Orchids design painted on a Kohler Toilet Tank & Lid.

The client also chose this Kohler Devonshire toilet tank & lid to match the toilet. It was a good choice as we were able to highlight the fluting with gold bands. I love it on the toilet tank and it was relatively easy to decorate. The pedestal sink was a bit of a challenge, I had to figure it all out.

 Devonshire Tank Lid With Gold Orchids and Bands

custom gold orchids and bands painted on Kohler Toilet Tank

Gold Orchids design highlighted with gold bands painted on the lid of the toilet tank

Here is a better shot of the lid. We wanted to do the bottom of the toilet as well, it’s a long sad story. The toilet bowl was 1/4″ too big to fit in our kilns as it had a large square base at the bottom of the bowl, so we arranged to have our local kiln store fire it. At the end of November they said ok, just bring it in, so early December I called and they said “kilns too busy getting work fired for Christmas”, then they were closed until the New Year. I called, they gave me the runaround for a few days and then informed me the store was closing and they couldn’t do it. Of course, I had already decorated the bottom. I had to take it all off. What a waste of time, money, decals, heartache etc. At least it’s over and really you don’t see too much of the bowl in a powder room, they are usually too small to get a good view of the bottom of the bowl.

We do undertake custom projects, but to be honest I really don’t love doing them. This particular job, I thought I was charging enough, but as usual with a custom job, so many other factors came into play. So, if you want something custom we can do it, but I need to charge more! I do too many ‘act-of-love’ creations! You can check them all out on our website where we have a great selection of painted bathroom fixtures all kiln-fired and made by hand in the USA. Thanks for reading. Lynne


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