Bouquets of roses and flowers painted with a hummingbird on a white drop-in sink.

A Garden of Roses Painted on the Bathroom Basin

Add a rose garden to your bathroom with one of our hand painted and decorated bathroom sinks with roses in every color. This post features a new version of the Scented Garden, the Heirloom Roses in pink and white, delicate Moss Rose, Eden Roses and of course a Chintz design. All available on our website, Our decorated bathroom fixtures are made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty.

Scented Garden Painted on a Big Rim Drop-in

Bouquets of roses and flowers painted with a hummingbird on a white drop-in sink.

Bouquets of roses and flowers painted with a hummingbird on a white drop-in sink.

This is a new version of the Scented Garden we made recently for a customer on the Houzz marketplace. (A great place to get really cool stuff for your home). I should have thought of doing the Scented Garden on this porcelain drop-in basin before, the oversize curved rim really shows off the flowers. Lots of roses in this design, the rest of the flowers include cornflowers, daisies, tulips, poppies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, a hummingbird and butterfly or two, usually a ladybug too, for good luck. It’s what I would describe as a traditional hand-painted sink design. The flowers are painted in a classic Dresden style in many colors with lots of green, blue, pink, red, orange, yellow and purple.

Pink & White Heirloom Roses Painted Porcelain Bath Sink

Pink and white Heirloom Roses design painted on a white fluted drop-in.

Heirloom Roses design painted on a white fluted drop-in.

Garlands of pink and white Heirloom Roses with dusty green leaves and brown vines bring everlasting charm to your bathroom or powder room basin. Shown here on a white fluted St Thomas Antigua drop-in, which we are not using anymore since they started making them in China. We are using wonderful Bates & Bates (which for me, unfortunately just got sold) ceramic basins which are made in the USA in Oxnard, California and perfect in every way!!!! Also looks great on a pedestal or drop-in, check them out on the website.

Eden Rose Painted on a White Fluted Drop-in

Eden Rose painted in maroon and yellow on a white fluted drop-in basin

Victorian style roses painted in shades of maroon and yellow on a porcelain drop-in basin.

This design, Eden Rose is rendered in gorgeous muted tones of deep red, magenta, yellow and dusty pink. We can’t get any more of the larger size of these roses but we have plenty of the smaller size and could rework the design with them. I just noticed it’s not on the website, but contact us for details if you are interested in this design,

Chintz Floral Painted Drop-in Ceramic Basin with Scalloped Edge

Chintz design with roses painted drop-in basin with scalloped edge

Chintz design featuring pink and white roses and a garden of other blossoms in blue and yellow.

Popular and versatile hand-painted style Chintz design looks great in any bathroom! Create a spring garden all year long with pink and white roses, yellow buttercups, light blue forget-me-nots, lots of green leaves and even a butterfly or ladybug are delicately painted in a watercolor style. They look great in any bathroom from a Victorian renovation to a 21st century contemporary. All of the chintz designs can be modified with more or less of the design on the sink or toilet.

Blue Amaranth Traditional Painted Drop-in Sink

Blue and white rose and flowers decorated on a petite fluted drop-in sink.

Blue and white rose and flowers decorated on a petite fluted drop-in sink.

This is the Blue Amaranth design shown on a petite white fluted drop-in basin. It’s inspired by all blue china… Wedgwood, Blue Willow or Blue Delft. If only I knew all those flower names, but I do see big blue roses and a few others, they look like clover blossoms. They are arranged geometrically on the sink to create some order and it gives the design a structured look, traditional or modern.

These are just a few of the hand painted and decorated sinks we make with roses on them. Check out our website for the full collection. Also check our Pinterest Page, we have a board devoted to roses. Thanks for reading. All of our sinks are decorated by hand in Henderson, Nevada and are unique one-of-a-kind creations.

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