white bathroom with red towels and flower tiles

Scented Garden Bathroom with Tiles & Mural

This was a custom job we did for a client who got really creative with the Scented Garden design. She kept her sinks white, but accented the rest of the bathroom with the Scented Garden on a myriad of porcelain bathroom accessories. I made her accent tiles, a mural, towel bar ends, a vase, soap and lotion dispensers, drawer knobs, and more. Read on to see them all in her beautiful Scented Garden bathroom.

Blue Scented Garden Flower Bathroom

floral accent tiled bathroom

Scented Garden Bathroom with blue towels

The customer has several color changes for the powder room, this is the blue version. You can see the vase at the top of the photo, towel bar ends, accent tiles, soap dispenser & cup, and tissue box cover.

decorated floral bathroom

This shows the other view of the bathroom, this time with green accessories.

This photo shows the green version of the bathroom, and you can also see the accent tile on the floor, and also a very slight view of the ones on the front of the tub, (to the right of the photo). The background of the tiles have a marble veining in them, which breaks up the design and adds some sophistication over a plain white tile.

Red Scented Garden Flower Bathroom

white bathroom with red towels and flower tiles

The customer did several different color changes for the bathroom, this is the red version.

I like the way she used the accent tiles so creatively. Nice touch in the photo above, the single tile over the mirror, it looks great, especially with the two guest towel bars to either side of the mirror. Nice white mirror too!

White Vanity with Flowered Tile Top & Accessories

floral accent tiles vanity top

White Scented Garden bathroom showing tiled vanity top & accessories

You can see in the photo above the design is complimented with several butterflies, bugs, and hummingbirds. This photo shows accent tiles on the vanity, the tissue box cover and lotion dispenser, a little porcelain box, for pins or whatever, and my favorite, the switch plate cover, at the top right. I really liked them when I made them, there is another triple-switch plate, you can see them on the website on the Decorated Accessories Gallery.

white bathroom with tile mural

You can see the reflection of the mural in the tub in the mirror.

It’s hard to see in the photo, but the drawer pulls or knobs (bottom center of phot0) also have flowers on them. They are nice little porcelain pulls that I purchase blank, with no screw installed. Once they are fired, I glue the screw in and they are ready for installation. I really liked them when I made them, they are super cute. All these accessories were featured in a previous blog post, not installed in a bathroom but with more detailed photos of the accessories. Check out Scented Garden Accessories.

custom floral tile mural

Custom flower tile mural and accent tiles in the bathtub and shower area

This tile mural is what got this customer inspired for her bathroom. I enjoyed making it, it’s got lots of butterflies and hummingbirds and it’s always fun for me to do something other than the sinks. You can also see a shampoo dispenser that the client found herself and sent to me for decoration. I’m pretty sure she loves her bathroom, I do!!! This design is available on a sink at our website on many different types of sinks and toilets. Check them out here. Thanks for reading and especially to my customer for her creativity, photos and of course her business! – Lynne

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