gold infinite swirl design painted on square vessel

Platinum Infinite Swirl Design on Square Vessel

This design is a recent addition to the website, It’s a good one for a master bathroom or men’s room and would also be spectacular as the focal-point of a guest bath or powder room. It’s the Infinite Swirl and it’s painted on a 16″ square white D’Vontz porcelain vessel sink. The design is decorated on all four sides of the basin and available on our website here.

Infinite Swirl in Platinum on Square Vessel Basin

platinum swirl design bathroom vessel sink

Platinum Swirl design in platinum on a square vessel basin.

This fixture is a square square white vessel wash basin approximately 16″ diameter. It’s made of Vitreous china, which is extremely hard and impervious to water. Our designs are applied to an already-made fixture, then re-fired to about 1500°F so that the decoration fuses with the glaze on the fixture and becomes permanent. It will not wear out or fade away with proper care, which is mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth to dry.

Infinite Swirl Painted in Gold, Square Vessel

gold infinite swirl design painted on square vessel

Gold Infinite Swirl Bathroom Vessel Sink

Here it is in gold. The photo is a little exaggerated on the gold tone, it’s a nice mid-tone shiny metallic gold, actually made from real gold! We get these gold & silver designs silk-screened by hand in the traditional manner, by the fabulous Sue at SDI Custom Decal in Hawley, PA. I only know her over the phone, but over the last 10 years I’ve grown to like and respect her totally. She does a great job for me and we have a lot in common to boot. Glass and metallic pigments are suspended in a medium which burns off during the firing process and leaves just the pigment which creates the design. It’s a bit of a technical process, and unfortunately things don’t always turn out perfect the first time but I strive for perfection and work really hard making sure everything that I ship to my customers is absolutely perfect in every way.

Infinite Swirl Drop-in Sink in Platinum

white kohler drop-in sink with swirl design

Platinum Swirl design on white Kohler Pennington Drop-in

I’m just about to renovate my own master bathroom with this design and I’m using two standard Kohler drop-in sinks because I’m saving money and keeping the counter and vanity. You can see here that I’m putting the design on the back of the bowls. I’m also putting one emblem on the toilet tank lid and I’m going to inset a tile over the bathtub and one in the shower. It’s understated and gender neutral. I want to sell or rent my house in the future so I’m choosing a design that will be good for resale. When I get it done, I’ll do a post on it. Hopefully in a few months, probably closer to 6, which will be early 2018. Boy I hope it’s sooner.

We have a few other designs on the web site with a swirl or emblem on the front of the vessel sink. They are the Elegant Swirl Rectangle Vessel, and the same design on a Round Vessel Sink. Please check out our complete selection of decorated bathroom sinks for every type of bathroom, powder room or guest bath in styles from traditional to uber modern, on the website, Thanks for reading. – Lynne



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