painted sink with pink roses

Heirloom Roses Sinks & Pink Marble Bathroom

The Heirloom Roses painted sink designs are one of our most popular. This customer ordered 4 of them, 2 in the smaller size and 2 in the larger size of the Bates & Bates fluted drop-in porcelain bathroom sinks. They are made in the USA in Oxnard, California, and I decorate them in Henderson, NV. They are hand-made, by me, and then kiln-fired to permanently fuse the decoration to the surface of the bathroom fixture. The design will not wear out or fade away with proper care, they are guaranteed for the life of the fixture. Check out the complete collection on my website,

Heirloom Roses Ceramic Drop-in Sink

painted sink with pink and white rose design

Pink & White Geraldine Roses Painted Sink

This is one of the Heirloom Roses designs. The porcelain sink is decorated with pink and white Geraldine roses, leaves and stems in shades of pink, maroon, white, green and brown. The flowers are painted on the sink in a geometric design to compliment the fixture. The fixture shown above is a St Thomas/Icera Antigua Fluted sink, but I stopped using them and switched to the Bates & Bates fluted drop-in sink, shown below. The fluting on the sink is a little more pronounced. They let me come to the factory and choose what sinks I want so that I only get perfect ones, then I drive them home to Las Vegas. It saves $15 a sink on the shipping and the boxes don’t get messed up, less chance of any cracking to the fixture during the shipping, and I can get about 30 in a Dodge Grand Caravan. Which next week, I am renting for only $65 all in for the day. It’s a long one, the drive is 4 hours each way, plus getting to the rental car place, which is like an airport terminal in Las Vegas, and fortunately not too far from home. It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m not looking forward to it!!!

Pink Marble Bathroom with Heirloom Roses Sink

painted sink with pink roses

Pink Marble Bathroom with pink roses on the sink.

This customer chose the more geometric arrangement of the pink and white roses. She teamed up the sinks with a two shades of beautiful pink marble, elegant gold wall-mounted faucets and some super-stylish lighting, you can see a bit of it on the left. I shipped them to a freight-forwarder in New Jersey, final destination, the middle east. The sinks are very popular over there. I wish I could tap into that market a little more.

Four Painted Sinks with Pink Roses

painted sinks with pink & white roses

The two sinks in the back haven’t been in the kiln yet

These are the four actual sinks I made for the order. It’s always fun for me to take a photo of several sinks the same, another challenge for me to make them all identical. The two rear sinks are on the larger size of the porcelain fluted drop-in basin, the model is the Bates & Bates Jenny, approximately 22 x 17″. They hadn’t been put in the kiln when the photo was taken, so you can see that the flowers are darker and less vibrant than the two at the front. Those fixtures are the Bates & Bates Georgia, approximately 17-3/4 x 14-1/4″. I use tons of them, they are both extremely nice fixtures, the best money can buy, made in the USA by hand using age-old ceramic and porcelain manufacturing techniques.

There is another design I do with these flowers on the same sink, but it’s a more flowing, trailing arrangement of the flowers with two hummingbirds. Check it out here, Heirloom Roses & Hummingbirds Fluted drop-in sink, on the website. It takes forever to make but the results are well worth the effort. You can also check out a previous blog post, with a few other versions, including the same roses painted on a pedestal lavatory, Heirloom Roses Bathroom.

This is just one of the many painted sink designs with roses available for sale on my website, All made by hand by me, Lynne. Thanks for reading.

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